Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreak

Published On October 3, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

Zombie_costume_portraitZombies. Zombies everywhere… And now you have the chance to destroy them.


Although the CDC has (scientifically) ruled out any chance of there ever being a zombie apocalypse, these facts haven’t stopped the growing popularity of the undead and what it would be like to fight them.


So the Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreak is making it happen – giving you the chance to fight against their fictional zombie apocalypse.

Here’s the rundown. In the 1990s, the Dixmont State Hopsital (an insane asylum from the 19th century, known for the use of lobotomies and shock treatments) was re-opened and repurposed as a top-secret government test facility for the military. XD-1027 – an experimental biological weapon – was tested on the convicts. Designed as a chemical that destroyed living tissue, it created functioning cells that should not have been self-sustaining. But, alas, they were and an uncontrollable contagion ensued. “Dead” patients roamed the facility, feeding on living flesh to rejuvenate their cells and the military could not keep them under control. Now they need your help. Enlist and keep the world safe from a global pandemic.


Pick your mission date (from October 3rd to November 3rd) and begin the fight. Tickets can be purchased online or on site for $20.00. With your enlistment, you will receive 50 rounds of (paintball) ammo and the gun. (Additional rounds can be purchased). Once suited up, you will be loaded into one of the Z.E.V.s (Zombie Extermination Vehicles) and transported on an 18-minute ride through the zombie-infested hospital where you will be tasked with fighting off hordes of the infected.


Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreak is conveniently located right off of Interstate 65 at 500 Huntington Avenue Emsworth, PA 15202.


Thursdays and Sundays – 7:30PM-11:30PM.
Friday and Saturdays – 7:00PM-1:00AM.


This is an experience you don’t want to miss! God speed and good luck!

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