The Fire K Studios Open House

Published On November 26, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | The Arts

houseThe owners of Fire K Studios, Matt Firek and Andy Wilds, who built it from the ground up, are excited to announce their new endeavor. With the help of acoustic engineer, Greg Vizza, they’ve designed a state-of-the-art recording studio that offers musicians analogue and digital recording, plus a unique hybrid of the two. It uses “old-school” gear while recording everything to a computer where it can be more easily mixed and edited. Another reason to record at Fire K Studios is their collective experience. They understand what artists want, as before Matt and Andy were business partners and co-owners of a recording studio, they were also band-mates.

Back in 2003, the two men were in a progressive rock group called Terminus Est. Several years later, after Terminus Est. split up, they formed a new band called Endangered Minds. Their music was a mixture of rock, electronica and hip-hop. Matt says that working and experimenting on their first album, Vigil, was what made them “fall in love with recording.”


They started a small home recording studio in State College but soon after they began, Andy was offered a job as a Pittsburgh firefighter. He and Matt, who was then a pharmacist, but has since quit, moved to the city to pursue the dream of opening a full-time recording studio. Matt says they, “had amassed quite a lot of equipment, and turning it into a living made sense. There’s no greater feeling than actually loving your job.” As for Endangered Minds, the band is on a short hiatus. But once Fire K Studios is completely up and running they plan on playing together again.


To celebrate the launch of their recording studio, Matt and Andy are having an open house and all are welcome. It’s happening next Thursday, December 5 from 6-9PM at Fire K Studios. Expect free drinks, food and entertainment, plus the opportunity to win some raffle prizes. You can enter to win two tickets to Halestorm’s concert on December 11th, a $50 Gift Card to Olive or Twist, or the Fire K Studios gift basket which includes a T-shirt, studio time and more. Singer-songwriter, Chris Hannigan will also be performing some of his acoustic music.

Stop by and get a free glass of wine or beer and listen to good music. You can also buy Fire K merchandise or book your studio time today!

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