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Published On October 9, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | The Arts

Off the RecordIf laughter is the best medicine, then on October 10th, Pittsburgh is getting an extra dose. The musical satire, Off the Record is in its thirteenth year of production and this week’s show looks like it will be just as entertaining as ever. It’s staged by The Pittsburgh Newspaper Guild/CWA and Pittsburgh SAG– AFTRA and is titled, “All the Burgh’s a Stage”. They’re covering topics ranging from parking meters to politics, and aside from being a hilarious way to spend your Thursday night, Off the Record also benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Last year alone, $46,000 was raised.

This year’s cast list has some familiar faces. You’ll see Ken Rice from KDKA, democratic mayoral nominee, Bill Peduto, and Broadway actress/Pittsburgh native, Lenora Nemetz. Along with the help of two dozen other actors, Off the Record will poke fun at Pittsburgh’s most memorable moments of the year. Director, Gregory Lehane and head writers, Bill Toland and Dan Majors have a lot of fun in store for the audience. Expect a shout-out to Shakespeare with the Orie Sisters as the three witches from Macbeth predicting the outcome of the mayoral race.


Other topics to watch for are the big UPMC vs. Highmark war, the city’s new “user-friendly” parking meters, and the Pirates, who are back in the play-offs for the first time since ’92! What else do you think they might take a jab at? What about the Squirrel Hill Tunnel construction, or when country music fans caused mayhem in the parking lots outside Heinz Field? The possibilities are endless. Check out last year’s performance of “Sid the Kid, Superstar”!




The show starts at 8PM in the Byham Theater downtown, and ticket prices range from $25-75. To get yours call, (412)456-6666!


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