The Bach Boom Box

Published On December 3, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | Music, The Arts

bachboomThis Friday, December 6th at 8PM, classical and hip-hop will collide at The Alloy Studios for a special presentation called Bach Boom Box. It is a 60-minute performance presented by Kelly Strayhorn Theater and the artist collective, Groove Aesthetic, which mixes genres using instrumentals, vocals, dance visual art and fashion. Admission is $10.

If you’re unfamiliar with Groove Aesthetic, it’s a multifaceted group of artists created by singer Anqwenique Wingfield, which rotates performing at different shows around Pittsburgh. Bach Boom Box will feature emcee Shad Ali, hip-hop/R&B duo Creative Chemistry, cellist Rachel Smith, violist Kristen Storm, and the jazz band, Trio +, which includes Joe Sheehan on keys, Jason Rafalak on bass and Ryan Socrates on drums. There will also be projections by Magic Organs, choreography by Anthony Williams and vocals by Anqwenique.

Anqwenique says the goal of Bach Boom Box is to create parallels between genres and aspects of artistic culture. For example, there will a dance piece showcasing ballet, contemporary, and African/hip-hop. You can also expect to hear samples of the Bach Cello Suites and some songs you might recognize like, “Fall in Love” by Slum Village and other old-school hip-hop. Plus the performers will create new music right on the spot. Whatever it might be, music or dance, the audience will be able to see a clear transition from genre to genre.

More than anything, Anqwenique wants people to know that Bach Boom Box is for everyone, whether they’re a classical music fan or more into hip-hop. She says that, “By mixing genres of music and culture, we hope to bring people together, cultivate diversity and create networking opportunities.”

Bach Boom Box encourages its audience members to participate too. During the show you can use the hashtag #BACHBOOMBOX to comment on Facebook and twitter and keep the conversation going before, during and after the experience is over. Tweet and your opinion will be heard!

Finally, remember to hang around after the show ends for a dance party. The music will be provided by Tracksploitation and Trio +.

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