Gallery 4 Presents: Once Again Calm by Thomas Frontini

Published On August 25, 2014 | By Madeline Weiss | The Arts

once again calm pittsburgh events

The Gallery 4 wants to change the idea of conventional, contemporary art galleries by making art accessible for everyone. Located in Shadyside, they have been known for their eye-catching exhibitions for years with a long list of artists of all types on their resume.

Now, they’re bringing the work of Ontario native and Cleveland resident, Thomas Frontini, to Pittsburgh for the very first time. Frontini is a talented surrealist artist with an eye for soft colors and shapes. For this particular exhibition called “Once Again Calm,” he takes lonely, familiar shapes and molds them to fit his surreal understanding of the world through his paintbrush. In this, he has created an atmosphere that is dystopian and solitary, while also maintaining a peaceful serenity.

frontini 2Frontini, born in 1967, has a B.F.A. in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and an M.F.A. in painting from The Ohio State University. He explored some of his Italian history while attending the Italian Institute for Art and Restoration. Since then, he has traveled and exhibited all over the world, making him a truly notable and cultured contemporary artist. We can’t wait to see his latest creations. Of these paintings, Frontini says, “I create paintings by combining Surrealist tendencies and vibrant atmospheres. My art tends to reference a future where trees and animals are few and far between as they cling to floating or land-bound rock islands set against distant horizons. Despite their plight, the nature referenced show an unshakable strength built upon a glimmer of hope that finding a safe and more forgiving resting place is always and forever a possibility. I tend to draw a lot of my material from current issues that we face as a species, and capture the post-apocalyptic future that is the consequence of our decisions today.”

The Gallery 4 has created the perfect atmosphere of their own for viewing these dreamy landscapes. Be sure to check them out before it closes on Saturday, August 30.

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