Pittsburgh Gets ArtAttacked this Spring

Published On May 5, 2015 | By Jenna Moen | The Arts

Photo Credits: ArtAttack PGH

On May 13, Pittsburgh will be under attack by paint brushes and creative impulses. Come watch as artists battle it out in the first of many live painting competitions at The Rex Theater in South Side.

At each monthly ArtAttack event, 12 artists compete in three rounds of live acrylic painting as the audience watches genius, off-the-cuff art crystallize before their eyes. The first two rounds consist of six artists competing to advance to the final round. Each round lasts 30 minutes, and after, the audience votes on their favorite artist, determining which one will proceed. In the final round, four artists compete to become the night’s champion, and they’ll continue on to the grand championship in November.

Not only will the audience help to determine the winner, they’ll also have the opportunity to purchase the art in an auction at the end of the night. All proceeds will go to the artists. Keeb$ will be the DJ for the eveving, and local bands Fortified PhonetX and The Wire Riots will be performing between rounds.artattack3

The talent behind the competing artists is vast and unique. Gabe Felice, for example, is a self-taught, post-visionary artist. Lauren Tooey paints canvases, bodies, faces, and also works as a tattoo artist at Wyld Chyld. Her work is vibrant and colorful; full of fantasy, humor, cuddly nature creatures, and rainbows pouring out of people’s mouths. Matty Freebles, another featured artist, masters postmodern cartoon expressionism, spectral arrangement theory, and experimental typesetting–which dabbles in the practices of geometry and typography. Beyond that broad description, we aren’t quite sure what else it entails, but we do know his work is eye candy. For a final highlight, Rachna Radar works in a combination of the abstract and observational. Her work is a mix of textured patterns and landscapes; precise and realistic, or surreal and subconscious. We’re excited to watch the work of these artists and more unfold before our eyes. Check out a full list of all the participating artists.artattack2

ArtAttack benefits artists by challenging them to think and paint quickly on their feet with crowd encouragement. It’s also a chance for the public to gain a sense of the painting process, which so often goes unseen in quiet studios behind doors. ArtAttack events build a public appreciation for the time, work, creativity, and effort that goes into a single painting. Keep an eye out for flyers for the event; the cover art (pictured left) was done by local artist Danielle Robinson.

Tickets are $10 for general admission. Doors open at 7PM, and the event is 21+. Come out and show your support for these talented artists.



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