Performance Art Festival 2016

Published On June 7, 2016 | By Missy Schrott | The Arts

Beginning this Friday, Bunker Projects will once again defy the conventions of art as they blend the visual arts with dramatic performance in the third annual Performance Art Festival.

Back again as part of Three Rivers Arts Fest, PAF16 brings forth more artists with an even larger venue than in years past. The festival will host more than 20 artists from around the city, the country and the world at SPACE Gallery downtown, with each exhibition featuring unusual and experimental ideas revolving around performance art.

This year’s artists will explore a range of performance art topics, not only incorporating body transformation and audience interaction, but sociopolitical and philosophical ideas appealing to cultures around the globe. With focus topics in everything from neuroscience to witchcraft, PAF16 is sure to bring an exciting, extensive range of performance art to their upcoming exhibition.

Peep a preview of PAF16’s participating artists below:

Hannah G. ThompsonHannah G. Thompson

Pittsburgh artist Hannah G. Thompson’s unique brand of performance art is built around fabric sculptures – in which she is the subject of focus. During performances, she interacts with her audience and morphs within the sculptures, playing with abstract and unexpected ideas throughout. Thompson has a background in artist education, and has worked with museums throughout Pittsburgh in after-school programs to help bring communities together.

veronicaVerónica Peña

Verónica Peña is a Spanish native and Indiana resident whose work combines performance art, painting, sculpture, and installation. She strives for harmony and peace in her work, so her performances usually involve complete stillness or very slow motion. Another of Pena’s performance staples is to cover the body completely with various materials for different perceptions and effects. Don’t miss her performances at PAF16 this weekend!

Ryan M McKelveyRyan M McKelvey

Pittsburgher and local Ryan M. McKelvey is breaking the rules of abstract art in his interactive performance at PAF16, Cosmetic Confessional. The set-up for his exhibit is easy – he sits in a chair beside a table full of beauty products and paints. The true art then develops within his one-on-one interactions, where attendees approach him, add one product to his face to make him “beautiful,” and confess a whispered insecurity in his ear. McKelvey strives to present himself as “a blank canvas for cosmetics, a repository for secrets” during his performances, giving each participant a valuable lesson to take with them.

PAF16 will be set up at SPACE gallery in the Cultural District from 4-10PM this Friday and Saturday, June 10-11; the exhibit is free and open to all!

Check out Bunker Projects’ website for a full lineup of artists participating, and make sure you stop by their exhibits this upcoming weekend!

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