Published On March 8, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

Now there’s a word I can relate to. If you’re feeling sassy and you’re an artist, why not submit something to this nifty art show?

Outspoken is a benefit for bikePGH, a neat little nonprofit that promotes bicycle advocacy, safety and community in the PGH. This is a no-brainer, folks. You see them everywhere…those hipsters and their bikes. I am far too much of a pussy to ride a bike in the road for safety reasons, as well as purely selfish ones. I don’t want anyone staring at my ass anymore than they already do, especially with a bike seat lodged halfway up it. Naa mean?

Nonetheless, bikePGH is a novel and necessary cause. The fine folks in charge of the 60/40 series seem to agree. To find out more about how you can participate in the fundraiser, hop on over here for the deets.

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