No Parking No Touching

Published On December 1, 2011 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

Parking chair noun ˈpɑː(r)kɪŋˈcher a chair that is used by a vehicle owner to informally mark a parking space as reserved for oneself. There is in fact an entire wiki page dedicated to the etiquette and origin of parking chairs. Violation of the code could result in retaliation, like in this new story a violator’s car was subsequently buried in snow with a sign warning, “Now yinz know not to break the rules.” This shit is serious around the burgh, and with cold weather approaching parking chairs will soon be in season.

Right down the street from Nak’s home base, a parking epidemic is on the rise. Since the arrival of the new Mad Mex location on South Highland Ave, finding a spot has become quite an experience.  I learned first hand last week when I headed to Mad Mex for some discounted margs and ended up parking 3 blocks away.

Enter- No Parking, No Touching, the newest exhibition at The Gallery 4, located at 206 South Highland Ave.  They developed the show in an attempt to bring awareness to this increasingly troublesome parking problem.  The show features 14 artists with their humorous takes on the infamous parking chair including Anthony Purcell, Shervin Iranshahr, Brian Holderman,  Scott Patrick,  Dave Burns, Danny Devine, Rolando Bustimante, Michael Koehler, Brick Diggler, Katie Mallis, and Chris Smith.

I love gallery shows that give elitist, stuffy art the finger and I expect this show to do just that.  In fact, some pieces are literally giving you the finger, as you can see in Danny Devine’s submission to the show here.  And I’m hoping to see more of Pittsburgh’s gritty, crass side in the show.  After all, it’s what keeps us yinzers grounded to our roots of the smokey, working class history.

The show’s opening is Saturday, Dec 3rd at 7pm with free food and drinks n’at.  Although I would suggest carpooling with your friends, or perhaps public transit cause finding a parking spot should prove to be a bitch.


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