PGH Artists of Varying Mediums Gather for A Night of Lowbrow Art

Published On February 26, 2015 | By Jenna Moen | The Arts

Johnny Fry/Nick Christofano collab

On Saturday, February 28, Pittsburgh 5/9 is hosting an array of local talent at Teamsters Local 249 Banquet Hall. Dubbed A Night of Lowbrow Art, the evening will feature multiple artists showcasing their talents, and representing varying practices and levels of expertise. Thinking of stopping out to support PGH’s local art community? Then make sure you peep our preview of must-see artists showing off their skills at Lowbrow Art.

Artist Zane Leibowitz works at Unique Ink Tattoo (the oldest and most reputable tattoo shop in Greensburg) and has spent the past three months planning and organizing this event with a handful of other talents in the Pittsburgh area. Most of the participating artists are friends of his, but as the news spread through word-of-mouth and the Internet, the list continued to grow. This is the third annual Lowbrow Art event, and Zane says that this time, they’ve “gone all out.”


Seth Leibowitz

Many of the artists involved are tattoo artists who dabble in several other mediums of expression. Johnny Fry also works at Unique Ink Tattoo, and paints on the side. A collaborative piece of tattoo art by Johnny Fry and Unique Ink’s owner, Nick Christofano, is pictured above. Johnny Fry especially enjoys traditional and neotraditional Americana tattoos, Japanese [art], and working with black and grey mediums, but his range goes far beyond that.

Tattoo artist, Seth Leibowitz, also paints with acrylics and oils. He worked at American Tattoo in Verona for eight years before opening his own establishment, Artform Gallery and Tattoo, in Lower Burrell in 2008. Not only does Artform provide a venue for local artists, but it also gives back to the community through donating artwork and charity projects. Seth constantly finds inspiration by exploring mind expansion and spiritual awakening, as well as through modern society and technology. Seth’s artwork is pictured to the right.

JR tubbs1

JR Tubbs

Another presenting artist, JR Tubbs (aka Kernal Tubbs), tattoos in Ashtabula, Ohio using a distinct American old-school style (pictured left). In an interview with Swallows n Daggers, a blog that promotes traditional tattooing, Tubbs said he travels four times a year for tattoo conventions and always stops in Pittsburgh.

Tattoo conventions are a great way to meet new people and gather old friends, with the added bonus of good pocket money. A Night of Lowbrow Art has surely emulated the mantra of gatherings with talented like-minded friends as it continues to progress, always going above and beyond the previous year.

This year’s Lowbrow Art takes place from 7-11PM, with a $5 cover at the door. Check out the full, up-to-date list of all of this year’s participating artists.

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