Nak You Out Artist Collab: Nathan Doverspike

Published On January 30, 2015 | By Leah Kennedy | The Arts

Photo Credit: Nathan Doverspike

Each quarter, Nak You Out’s website and logo are completely revamped with a new design to keep things looking lively and fresh. Since home is where the heart is, we keep it local by handpicking a Pittsburgh artist to collab with us on this fun project, forming a mutually beneficial creative relationship. The goal is to give our page a fresh new look while gaining exposure for all of our talented collaborating designers.

Our most recent collaboration highlights the quirky artistic expertise of PGH resident, Nathan Doverspike. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Nathan has worked with multiple businesses and institutions, creating a unique look and feel for each to complement the imagery for which they are striving. We recently got the chance to chat with Nathan about his creative history, his biggest influences, and the superb artwork he recently designed for us! Check out our interview with him below.

Leah: How did you first get involved with Nakturnal?

Nathan: Nakturnal reposted my “Pittsburgh Island” illustration on back in 2014, which helped generate a lot of attention towards the illustration.

Leah: Can you describe your brainstorming process for the NakYouOut artwork you created?

Nathan: When working on the web design, I needed to keep it fairly simple because of web and color restraints. So, I redesigned the preexisting owl character because the form of the owl worked well on the site. The sticker design allowed me to be more creative because there weren’t as many limitations. I created a bat character because bats are nocturnal and worked well with the pre-established theme. The bat is a drummer because Nak You Out tends to showcase a lot of musicians on the site.

Leah: What was the goal or perception you were striving for?

Nathan: My goal was to create a fun and interesting design with a self-sustaining narrative that the viewer can interpret without direction.

Leah: You’ve worked on several projects over the past few years and have received notable recognition from major publications. What draws you in to a particular project, and what are your favorite types of projects to work on?

Nathan: I really like self-initiated projects because I can do whatever I want and have total creative freedom. Nothing feels better than creating your own work and being successful with sales. I enjoy package design and editorial work most when working with clients, but I am always open for freelance work of any kind. I enjoy working with clients that give me a general direction of what they want and let me run with it. I find that I produce the best work when I’m not overly art-directed.

Nathan Doverspike: PGH Island

Nathan Doverspike: PGH Island

Leah: Where do you find inspiration for your artwork in the city of Pittsburgh?

Nathan: Most of my inspiration comes from graphic novels that I find at local comic book shops. I really admire the dedication and skill that it takes to finish such a huge project. Comic artists have influenced every aspect of my process because I love the look of hand drawn line work. I am also a fan of Andy Warhol, so living fairly close to the museum has influenced me a lot.

Leah: Who have been some of your biggest influences growing up?

Nathan: Growing up, my biggest influence was probably Jamie Hewlett, the artist who did the album artwork and animations for the band, Gorillaz. I was obsessed with the band and would watch the music videos and draw the characters all the time. I also really liked card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, and the artwork on the cards have influenced my drawing style more than anything.

Leah: We absolutely love what you’ve created for us! What new projects can we look forward to from you in 2015?

Nathan: Currently, I am working on a New York illustration in the style of my “Pittsburgh Island” illustration I created in 2014. I plan on starting a Kickstarter campaign when I’m done and offering limited edition versions of the artwork as pledges later this year. The best way to keep updated on my work is to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram at @nathan_doverspike.

To check out more of Nathan’s artwork on his personal portfolio, click here! Additional projects and pieces created by Nathan can also be found on the RAW Artist website.

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