The My Drunk Kitchen Tour

Published On May 10, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

MDKThe Hello, Harto! Tour Show, AKA the My Drunk Kitchen tour, is coming to Pittsburgh May 15. Unless you’re a serious follower of the YouTube sensation, you would’ve probably had no idea, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re uncertain if you can still register to attend the meetup and we also have no idea where this event is taking place, but what we do know is that it will be legit, awesome and drunken. We’ve seen no advertisements in Pittsburgh for this, so those of you in the know will be feeling extra exclusive when you attend next Wednesday.

So why even write about this when we know virtually no details!? Why not? And if you aren’t hip to My Drunk Kitchen, then let’s rewind and get you instantly hooked on this charming lady who likes to cook tasty dishes while drunk. We’re sure many people choose to cook while tipsy, but none have done so as cleverly or have managed to capitalize on the concept like Hannah Hart successfully has.

You know you want to watch them all now, don’t lie! The quirky personality behind the videos, Hannah, created My Drunk Kitchen in 2011 after making a video for a friend. She soon amassed a following and created a community of “Hartosexuals” One thing she hadn’t been able to do before was offer her fans a much-requested tour, and so, funded it via an Indie GoGo campaign. Raising over $36,000 within 4 hours of posting, it was a smashing success, eventually reaching over $200,000 in 30 days, surpassing her 50K goal by enough to take this tour to Canada and eventually Europe.

There’s probably still time to sign up for Wednesday’s meetup, so DO IT, and then let us know how it was!


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