The Mucho Gusto Micro Film Festival

Published On July 18, 2014 | By CeeStars | The Arts

mucho gusto pittsburgh eventsMulti-talented writer Robert Isenberg returns to Pittsburgh for his one-night micro film festival, “Mucho Gusto”. After working as a reporter in Costa Rica, Isenberg is ready to show his work at ModernFormations Gallery in Garfield. Viewers will have the chance to watch a series of short documentaries Isenberg has produced for The Tico Times, Central America.

The short videos follow Isenberg as he travels through Latin America and undergoes unique encounters. Without giving too much away we can tell you to look out for a woman who has swam the Pacific Coast several times and a cigar factory in Nicaragua. And if that’s not enough, you can watch Isenberg’s epic bike ride from the Caribbean to Pacific.

Robert Isenberg has worn many hats over the course of his career. He is a freelance writer, playwright, photographer and stage performer. His amazing body of work has been noticed by others, landing him many accolades. Over the years, he has received the Brickenridge Fellowship, McDowell Scholarship, Trespass Residency, and two Golden Quill Awards.

robert isenbergOnce Isenberg and his wife were, “free from academia,” in 2012, they decided to look into moving somewhere warmer than Pittsburgh. “Winters kill me,” he told us, “we visited Costa Rica for an investigative vacation in 2012. We did the usual life-changing adventure stuff — ziplining, hiking to waterfalls, and getting up-close with crazy animals. We really dug the country, so we decided to make plans to move there.”

Even though he loves “having to decide, on any given weekend, whether to visit a Pacific or Caribbean beach,” Pittsburgh still remains his favorite city and what he misses most about it is its art scene.”The creative scene in Pittsburgh is unusually feisty. Since I left, I’ve received hundreds of invitations and press releases from Pittsburgh artists, and I wish I could attend almost every event. My farewell party took place at The Arcade Comedy Theater, and they’re frankly kicking ass. Some of my closest friends just produced “Evil Dead: The Musical,” and it felt absurd that I couldn’t attend… such extra-curricular projects are hard to get started [in Costa Rica]. In Pittsburgh, all I had to do was say, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea.’ And if I told the right friends, that idea would become a reality, because Pittsburgh is fucking magic.”

As a writer, Isenberg has penned books of his own, as well as contributed to collections. His book The Archiepelago: A Balkan Passage explores the question ‘What ever happened to Yugoslavia?,’ as he explores five countries by bike, foot and bus. Isenberg contributed to Moon Handbooks Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Love Stories. As a videographer, he has produced short and feature length documentaries for The Pittsburgh Foundation, Pittsburgh on Video and The San Diego Reader, to name a few. To find out more about his diverse body of work visit his website.

The “Mucho Gusto” Tour is a follow-up to Isenberg’s one-night comedy show “The Robert Isenberg See-You-Soon Tour,” which took place last August at the Arcade.“Mucho Gusto” will be showing at ModernFormations Gallery this upcoming July 25th. The screening starts at 7PM and will be playing all night. The suggested donation is $2.

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