Cafe Con Leche Collabs with Most Wanted Fine Art for “Sobremesa”

Published On April 13, 2016 | By Leah Kennedy | The Arts

Gregory Garay

This spring, two local collectives come together to host a multi-month residency celebrating Pittsburgh’s flourishing Latino arts community.

The exhibition will be hosted by art activists at Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery, alongside food-and-drink establishment and Latino community initiative, Cafe Con Leche.


Nicole Olivieri

From March to August, organizers will feature nearly a dozen Latino artists–ranging from local favorites to international creatives–whose works will be on display for the PGH community.

Both groups are optimistic that the showcase will be intentional and ultimately effective in highlighting the experiences of Latinos from around the globe.

In addition to the artwork, Cafe Con Leche will host the coinciding SOBREMESA supper club program, giving guests a chance to chow down on ethnic eats and chat with featured artists on board.

Tickets will earn you a 20-person meal including traditional Puerto Rican food, live entertainment, and prime access to all artists’ works, along with an intimate meet-and-greet session during the party. Each dinner will include an appetizer, an entree with side dishes, beverages and dessert.

The second SOBREMESA installment takes place on Saturday, April 16. Check out the upcoming April/May artists below for a peek at what’s in store:

Nicole Olivierinicoleolivieri

25-year-old Puerto Rico native and Pittsburgh transplant, Nicole Olivieri, takes on several different mediums within her works–from photography, to oil painting, to drawing, and printmaking. She is often creating portraits reminiscent of her island home, as well as various other themes with a central focus on social and environmental subjects. Nicole’s works will be on display at Cafe Con Leche throughout the month of April.

Gregory Garaygregorygaray

Emerging artist and entrepreneur Gregory Garay was born and raised in Brooklyn; and he’s since relocated to Pittsburgh. His forward thinking works combine digital and traditional mediums of which he describes as defining moments–such as compiling ideas, or a burst of nostalgia. Gregory is recognized for his production of digital and traditional paintings, as well as illustrations for children’s books and comic books. His work will be displayed at the Cafe throughout the months of April and May.

To find out who’s up next, you can scope out the full schedule online; and be sure to reserve your tickets for upcoming dates!

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