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Published On December 9, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music, The Arts

What do you get when you combine local t-shirt designers, deejays and bands? Ya get Mixed Threads, that’s what, and it’s happening at Garfield Artworks this Saturday from noon to 6PM. For the low cost of $5 bucks, you can survey all the best in Pgh-based tees, mixtapes and rock out to the sounds of some sweet local artists while sipping a crisp, refreshing, complimentary Iron City Beer. I don’t know about you, but that beats the hell out of watching Dharma & Greg reruns on my couch all day. Remember that show? I’m totally destined to be the kooky broad missing one too many marbles who marries the tight-assed businessman. What a life forecast.

The primary organizer of this event is none other than Paul Dang, part owner of 720 Records and all around bad ass dude. I don’t know him personally, but that’s what I hear, so I’ll roll with it. His marketing strategy for the event includes an individual flyer for some of the participating artists, deejays and musicians. Flattering words flood each of the descriptions, all of which are composed with a certain flair. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’re going to lay out each of these cats in an easy to read format, in case you haven’t had a chance to see all the flyers. Then I’ll fill you in on the rest of the cats who will be there.

First up on the mixtape front is SMI. “A native of Pittsburgh, with a decade long stint in DC, Smi aka Smilo, started as an MC. His next venture was production, which instantly led to DJ-ing frequently at The Shadow Lounge/AVA (the venues he co-owns) as well as throughout the Pittsburgh area. SMI specializes in Hip Hop, Nu Soul, Afrobeat, Brazilian, Jazz, House, Brokenbeat, Reggae, Funk and other undefined grooves.”

“Instrumental group the Smooth Tutors have been making ‘smooth’ the operative word since 2009. Comprised of four central members, the impossibly locked-in rhythm section of Tim and Matt on bass and drums and the melodic tones of cousins Luke and Zack filling things out with guitars, keyboards and vibraphone, the Smooth Tutors are a dangerously precise and funky outfit.”

Next up, Naf Keen. “In a day and age of underexposed rap, there is always that one artist that stands out against the odds. Naf Keen created his own lane, and with his impeccable flow and complexity he plans to keep it that way. He’s soulful, witty and gritty all in one. Combined with his laid-back beats and vivid delivery, Naf Keen plans to take Pittsburgh to a place it’s never been before.”

First up on the t-shirt front, Forbidden Ink. “Little is known about the group of Pittsburgh artists who discovered the Forbidden Ink. What is known is that they now specialize in custom screen printed apparel, design and illustration using new and ancient technologies…Forbidden Ink bridges the worlds of graphic and fine art, having the freedom to create whatever their twisted minds might dream with whatever medium necessary.”

ArieBella Couture “Growing up in a ‘generation of grinding’ where grinding hard is the norm, two cousins, more like sisters living relentlessly through the eyes of fashion began to express their views with edgy, ambitious and forward fashions…A brand named after their southern belle grandmothers represents their unbreakable bond and different views, but shared love for STYLE.”

“Hard WRK pays off, and the WRK CLOTHES brand was born out of this very notion. This country was founded on the idea that you can succeed if you WRK hard enough. Unfortunately, this idea seems lost over the years. With big business scraping for handouts, the public is losing faith in themselves. We cannot afford to give up. WRK CLOTHES are hand-printed in Pittsburgh on 100% American made tees, from the field to the finished product.”

“The F-C.A.M.P is an umbrella that houses subsidiary brands under which includes Fundamental, Hai Chi-Zu, a Japanese inspired clothing line, and Funkin’ Gonuts, a brand which houses all things musical. Future presentation of products will include a range of tees and hats, cut and sew, a forthcoming housewares endeavor and furniture pieces.”

Ohhh…but that’s not all! We aren’t close to done yet. Below we break down the rest of the participating deejays and designers. First up, Blasfome. Blasfome Clothing is strongly influenced by life in the city of Pittsburgh and the metal, hip-hop, skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, and tattooing cultures. The clothing collection is comprised of graphic tee shirts, and accessories. In two years time Blasfome has expanded to include a retail location in Pittsburgh and a growing list of retailers.

TimeBomb has been holding it down on Highland Ave in Shadyside for years now. The upscale men’s and women’s streetwear boutique carries Timebomb Clothing, Diamond Supply Company, 10 deep, The Hundreds, Rebel 8 , Play Cloths, Faresh Brand, Primitive, Benny Gold, Rocksmith, Only Ny, Blasfome, Married to the mob, Frank 151 and Tuff City Styles, among others.

Next up, we have Wonderful Life, who just released a mixtape in conjunction with Tracksploitation. These cats are friends of ours, so we’re extra partial to their sweet t-shirts and jams. Wonderful Life recently launched their winter line, so be sure to hop on over to their website just in case you don’t make it to the event. Their tees do not disappoint! Neither does their blog, which features random blips from the man behind WL and a few of his Pgh pals, many of which can be seen sporting WL tees around town and on the website.

Frequently Fly Clothing will also be in the heezy. They claim to “produce limited quantities of extremely ILL shirts.” They claim to be a “lifestyle apparel brand for sneaker enthusiasts and lover of all things dope.” We recommend checking out their page. Their blog is pretty cool.

farESH Brand‘s 2011 Holiday Collection will release exclusively at this event, so come be one of the first to peep the new digs and get your hands on them before anyone else.

Other designers present at the event include Native, Madd, JFK and GMTK. In addition, the following Pgh-based deejays will also be present: J-Malls, Vex, Harry Lurker, Nice Rec, Dan Dabber and Maddbuddha. Tom Cox will be there as well, who you might recognize from Pittsburgh Track Authority.

And just when you thought this post was long enough, there is a trailer. Ho boy. See you there!

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