Midnight Radio 4 – Bootleggin' and Bathtub Gin

Published On September 16, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

We had the pleasure of attending opening night for Bricolage’s latest production, Midnight Radio 4: Bootleggin’ and Bathtub Gin. I can’t say enough fantastic things about Bricolage. Their productions are top-notch and always a delight. If you recall the last review we did, you know that Midnight Radio occurs much like a radio show from back in the day. Though the characters typically stay in one place while they perform, there is still a lot to watch. Rather than give you my take on the show, Let’s learn a bit more about what this episode is all about.

“On July 29, 1932, the most infamous gangland slaying in Pittsburgh history occurred in a coffee shop on Wylie Avenue in the Hill District, when three of the eight Volpe brothers were gunned down in broad daylight. The event became a defining moment in the battle for control over Pittsburgh’s bootlegging empire, involving such notorious gangsters as “Lucky” Luciano and Al Capone, and played out locally by a vast network of mobsters.”Bricolage

What I loved most about the night was how Bricolage goes above and beyond to set the mood for their audience. As soon as you entered the building, you were whisked away to the thirties. You needed a secret password to enter. There were table games everywhere, a guy playing an upright piano and smoke billowing through the room. Candy cigarettes were used to get people more into character. Everyone was dressed like a mobster or flapper. It was fantastic. My other favorite thing about the evening was the music. Musical guests the Ortner Roberts Trio provided musical interludes and had two performances during the show. Holy hell were they good. All it took was a drummer, pianist and a clarinet to play jazz that would have your grandpa cutting a rug. I’m not much into seeing jazz live, but this completely changed my attitude and made me realize that it’s definitely something I enjoy. Girlfriend could play that clarinet like it was a third arm. I can’t even describe it without being obscene. Just know it was good.

So, the verdict is, this play was great from start to finish. Always a pleasure seeing a show at Bricolage. I highly recommend checking this place out, if not for this show, then definitely for their final edition of Midnight Radio, which is gonna be zombie-tastic! I will be going. It will be a hoot.

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