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Published On April 18, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve gone to a play. It’s hard for me to sit still for that long. I rarely go to movies for this reason. Going to the Bricolage Theater for a preview of Hunter Gatherers was one of the best theater-going experiences I’ve ever had.

Before you doubt and think well, she’s just a sucka, or – wtf does this broad know about going to plays? Maybe she’s easily amused? Maybe she’s a shmuck? Maybe her best friend had the lead and paid her to say that? PSH! In the words of the lovely Cher – as if! I am indeed a reformed theater geek. I have seen and performed in countless plays since I was a wee girl. I’ve been to the Stratford Festival Theater in Canada more times than you’ve probably been to the Byham, and I’m familiar enough with playwright literature to know what distinguishes a good play from a shitty one. This isn’t something many people would guess about me, unless you went to my high school.

Regardless, this play was a delight from start to finish. I hadn’t heard of this place before and didn’t notice it on Liberty Ave until I was invited to attend the event – which BTW – brilliant on their part. Let’s invite a bunch of bloggers who love to write and rant to our hilarious play before the general public – whomever’s call that was deserves a raise! Many popular brands do this already, such as clothing stores. Hey let’s have a pants party! Free pants – for the small price of a blog post. It works, unless you totally hate the pants. I’m not one to blog about something I hate, though. Unless we’re talking about onions. Hate them. Olives too – gross. Give me a pizza with olives and onions and I’ll write a post that will set your ass on fire.

Oh yeah, I had a point. I enjoyed the element of audience engagement. The lobby area had this cute little quiz set up that determined if you were a hunter or gatherer. I’m a gatherer and my boo is a hunter – no surprise there! We are your stereotypical heterosexual couple. Though he was on the low end of hunter and barely made the cut. Hmm… They also had beer! Beer is always good. Probably my first time seeing a play mildly tipsy – it helped, though I think this play would have been LOL funny regardless. I’ve always been more interested in a more traditional theater approach. Most of the productions I’ve been involved in weren’t horribly experimental. I took a theater class at Pitt that really turned me off to experimentation in theater – they try a bit too hard it seems. Not Bricolage! Check out this teaser for the show. It’s pretty creepy.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the set was fantastic. They made clever use of a small space. The environment was very intimate, to say the least. I was curious what my first NC-17 play experience would be like. A little bit of bare ass action and dry humping but other than that, pretty tame. The true crudeness comes with the subject matter. This play takes the whole notion of blood sacrifice to the next level – enhancing it with sexual overtones and over-the-top characters. Two couples who have been friends since high school get together each year to celebrate their anniversaries and everything comes crawling out of the woodwork after the cork is popped. I hope this isn’t what married life is like. I hope this unhappy fate is reserved for those of us who married too young and who single, late-twenty-somethings like myself make fun of, not because we’re jealous but because we pity their fate. I sensed a lot of regret in this play. The kind of regret that makes me happy about my choices as a young adult. The only babies I’m having any time soon are food babies.

On the real, though – you must see this play. I haven’t laughed so hard at a play quite possibly ever. The characters are real and easy to relate to, with Richard taking my vote as the show-stealer. I believe the actor who played Richard, a striking ginger, is a noob to the Pittsburgh theater circuit. Welcome fellow ginge! Each actor played their role to a T. I will definitely be back to see their next show. You can tell their team put a lot of heart into the production and have a true passion for the art. I’ve seen some really awful productions in Pittsburgh, and the Bricolage has certainly restored my faith in the direction Pittsburgh theater is going. Five stars!

As if life couldn’t get more bad ass – we’re giving away tickets to the show! I may even try to enter myself so I can see it again. To win, simply leave a comment below. I’m all out of topics. Just say something silly. Winner will be selected at random Friday, April 22. Please be sure to leave your e-mail so we can get in touch with the winner!

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