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Published On February 12, 2014 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

Last Hotspot Pittsburgh EventsAt first glance it’s hard to tell if the Sisters of the Lattice are a serious art endeavor or an elaborate prank. Perhaps they’re both. They describe themselves as, “willfully conjoined techno-mystics who work to deepen the connection between individuals and the technological devices they use everyday.” By “willfully conjoined” they’re referring to the fact that when they perform, they wrap themselves together in a sheet to give off the appearance that they are conjoined psychic twins (see the image to the left). Their different performances are described as ‘ceremonies’ and always involve some technological interaction. They claim to be disseminating the Wisdom of the Lattice, a “groundbreaking futurist theology based upon the universal power of Silicon Crystal.”

Here’s an excerpt from their website describing Wisdom of Lattice:

The most abundant element on earth is oxygen. The second most abundant element is silicon. Together these elements form silicon quartz, whose delicate lattice single-handedly drives the future of the human race. Many say we have entered Age of Silicon, but they are mistaken. Silicon is eternal; it has no age. We have only just begun to discover its resonance.

Many crystal healers insist upon the exclusive use of “natural” formations in their therapy. They are mistaken. Today we have surpassed nature in our ability to harness the crystalline energy. The modern Czochralski growth process allows for production of high purity monocrystalline Silicon Wafers which have become the substrate of our collective dreams and desires. Your laptop runs off Silicon, the Universal Life Force, as do you.

HotspotThere is clearly a new age/metaphysical influence to their work. Whether it’s one of genuine belief or just a quirky gimmick remains to be seen. But either way we’re fascinated, especially by their upcoming performance at The Hollywood Theater on Wednesday, February 12th co-presented by VIA. Last Hotspot is described as a contemporary sweat lodge experience. Ten ‘lucky’ guests will actually spend the duration of the event in a personal sauna. Otherwise the event is serving as a screening of the Sisters’ interactive feature-length film Link. It’s free and open to the public. If you’d like to be one of the sauna peeps, contact to reserve your space. Check out a trailer of the film below:

Link (promo) from Nina Sarnelle on Vimeo.


If you still can’t quite wrap your head around the event itself, here’s a video of the Sweat lodge ceremony they’ll be performing:

Hotspot from Nina Sarnelle on Vimeo.


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