HUMP! Film Fest Sexes Things Up in the Burgh

Published On March 2, 2016 | By Leah Kennedy | The Arts

humoCritically acclaimed sex advice columnist, Dan Savage, has (perhaps, unknowingly) become a pioneer for bedroom freaks and sexual deviants everywhere…

For over a decade running, his lucrative amateur film fest–appropriately titled “HUMP!“–has swept the nation; and there’s no doubt he’s changing the game.

Each year, participants can submit a 5-minute film clip of their homemade sex acts and compete for a chance to win several cash prizes… And this year, he’s making his way to Pittsburgh to give us a taste of what HUMP! is all about on his nationwide tour.

hump4Featuring a selection of 20 versatile video clips, the curated film fest strives to break boundaries of uncomfortable stigmas and unrealistic expectations that plague the porn industry.

You won’t find the typical stupidity, storylines and cheesy sexual encounters we come across so often in corporate porno. It’s completely raw and layered with real human emotions–from vulnerability to chemical passion–that’ll turn you on, make you laugh or even shed a few tears.

Films will feature everything from primal fantasies, to star-crossed lovers, and the gross shit you pretend you’re not into that actually gets your rocks off. Check out a few of the film titles below:

  • Lube DispenserThis is the one you’ll be talking about with your friends — and your therapist.
  • Hotels and HaircutsHairdressers do it better.
  • The CollectorA man opens up about his disturbing collection. A truly jarring film.
  • I Fist a GrrrlHow come we never get invited to house parties this exciting?
  • Pachisi: A man, a woman, a board game.

hump2The point is: Whether or not you choose to openly share details of your sex acts, everybody fucks… And sometimes shit gets really fucking weird.

You’re invited to kick up the kink and let it all hang out this weekend at the annual HUMP! Film Festival. Screenings take place at Ace Hotel on Friday, March 4, at 7:30PM and 10PM; and Saturday, March 5, at 7PM and 9:30PM. Tickets for each screening are currently available online.

In addition, we’ve got THREE awesome prize packs to give out to a few lucky winners. Interested parties can enter to win through our Facebook and Twitter pages:

  • two tickets to HUMP!
  • a night’s stay at the Ace Hotel
  • tickets to the official HONCHO afterparty @ Hot Mass feat. Berlin’s Massimiliano Pagliara (Sat. 3/5)

Check out the teaser trailer below for a visual peek at this raunchy weekend affair:

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