Her Turn Exhibit Showcases Women Woodworker Collective

Published On June 23, 2015 | By Hannah Gloeckl | The Arts
Feature-Her Turn Helga Winter 2

Helga Winter, Symbiosis (2011)

Looking back on your high school days, you probably noticed that the ratio of guys to girls in your woodshop class wasn’t exactly proportionate. Since the 1600s, the century-old craft has created a surplus of jobs, although it’s remained a primarily male-dominated field. “Her Turn” – an all-female woodwork exhibit in the heart of the city – aims to turn the tables.

“Her Turn” opened on April 27 at the Society for Contemporary Crafts’ satellite gallery at BNY Mellon Center and showcases 12 female artists from across the country. The exhibit reflects the connection between each artist in conjunction with her materials and tools. Mostly created on the lathe, exhibition pieces include both functional and sculptural art that use a variety of wood-working techniques, including multi-axis turning, carving and pyrography.

Feature-Her Turn-Kristin LeVier-HornIII

Kristin LeVier, Horn III (2013)

In respect to the living medium that the artists work with, many of the pieces contain fallen, salvaged or sustainably harvested wood. This aspect has also influenced some of the pieces in the outcome of their shapes and purposes.

Co-curated by SCC’s Natalie Sweet and the American Association of Woodturner’s Tib Shaw, the exhibit is presented in coordination with the AAW’s 29th Annual International Symposium that takes place June 25-28 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Preceding the conference and continuing the exhibition of women in woodwork, the Collectors of Wood Art will present a program featuring “Her Turn” internationally recognized artist Betty Scarpino (Indianapolis, IN) at the Society for Contemporary Craft on June 25 from 9AM-4PM.

Artists also included in the exhibition are Hayley Smith (Bisbee, AZ), Merryll Saylan (Berkeley, CA), Helga Winter (Port Townsend, WA), Barbara Dill (Rockville, VA), Cindy Drozda (Boulder, CO), Linda Van Gehuchten (Sarver, PA), Kimberly Winkle (Smithville, TN), Ashley Harwood (Charleston, SC), Kalia Kliban (Berkeley, CA), Kristen LeVier (Moscow, ID), Dixie Biggs (Gainesville, FL), and Sharon Doughtie (Kaiula, HI).

The exhibition is open daily from 6AM-midnight, free to the public, and will run in the “T” station lobby of BNY Mellon Center until July 25.

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