The Greatest Schmo on Earth! Comedy Show & Documentary Screening

Published On April 15, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | The Arts

In case you thougzombo pittsburgh eventsht Pittsburgh’s comedy scene wasn’t stacked enough: Row House Cinema is hosting a smorgasbord of performances that will have you falling off your chairs from laughter. The Greatest Schmo on Earth! begins with Zombo‘s hilarious documentary, including live stand-up comedy on stage, live music by Vertigo Go, and Nathan Mazur‘s musical cartoons.

Zombo, who has attempted and succeeded in virtually every performance medium possible, is premiering his funny documentary, “Schmo Bizness.” The artist has worked as a stand-up comedian, a musician, a DJ, and impresario, currently holding a spot on WRCT 88.3’s Friday show. The one-man show fills his weeks with an eclectic mix of gigs, spending every first Monday at Arsenal Lanes conducting karaoke, and every last Friday at the Warhol Museum. Known for his “zombotron,” a DJ machine of sorts, Zombo has garnered much attention and respect from the ‘Burgh’s community members.

Although Zombo, aka Michael Devine, is a show in and of himself, he’s sharing the Row House stage with a few other Yinzers, too. Stand-up comedian Davon Magwood is a Pittsburgh native who has created his career around indie comedy. He adopts an alternative style of comedy, using obscure pop culture events, often those that apply exclzombotron pittsburgh eventsusively to Pittsburgh, to create a hilarious set. Magwood will be followed up by another local performer, Shannon Norman. Norman is a comic and podcast guest, and according to his Twitter bio, the World’s Fattest Baby in 1981 and 1983. His sets often include poking fun at himself and the monotony of life.

Vertigo Go, much like Zombo’s solo career, has adequately made their way around the ‘Burgh. Zombo, one of three members of the group, has led Vertigo Go to gigs all over, including Arsenal Lanes, Cattivo, and now, Row House Cinema. The band will be performing alongside retro silent comedy shorts on the big screen. But that’s not the only music-cinema hybrid that you’ll be seeing at Greatest Schmo…

Nathan Mazur is presenting his very own musical cartoons to finish off the evening. Mazur has created videos for Arby’s, Disney Television, and our very own CMU. He works with digital animation to create videos that range in content from workplace etiquette to Arby’s commercials, but what he’s bringing to Greatest Schmo is bound to be totally different (and, of course, hilarious).

Don’t miss out on your chance to see Pittsburgh’s greatest music/comedy acts at Row House Cinema this weekend! Tickets are $10 and doors open at 7:30PM.

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