“With the Grain” Recent Works by Ashley Jean Hickey

Published On June 3, 2014 | By Chelsea Strub | The Arts

with the grain pittsburgh events 2The Gallery 4 presents, “With the Grain” Recent Works by Ashley Jean Hickey, RAW Pittsburgh’s 2013 Visual Artist of the Year. The opening reception takes place on Saturday, June 7th, 2014.  The exhibit will be open to the public from 7pm to 11pm and The Gallery 4 will be providing complimentary refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

Ashley Hickey is a Pittsburgh artist specializing in sculpting and mixed media. “With the Grain” will feature a combination of her new and previous work, flaunting her evolutionary interest in grain patterns and using moss, lichen, and wood as her primary materials. “When I create a new piece, I imagine the canvas has moss seeping through and dripping down the surface, budding in some areas with lichen, a tree fungus,” she explained.

Why use moss and other materials from plants?  Well, first of all, Hickey has a history with nature.  She grew up in the New Hampshire and spent her childhood perfectly content playing in the woods.  She is captivated by the simplistic beauty of the natural world and wants to share it with her viewers indoors.

Additionally, she loves the plant’s texture and color, but more importantly, she appreciates its representation of nature.  For her, moss symbolizes the impact society has on the world and the influence the world has on it in return.  “I am fascinated by the symbolism and beauty of plants, trees and animals and the relationship we, as humans, form with these surroundings.”

Hickey received her bachelor’s degree in sculpture and drawing from California University of PA in 2011 and has since exhibited in numerous shows around the Pittsburgh.  In addition to her time in the studio, Hickey has served as the Vice-President and Exhibitions Co-Chair for the Society of Sculptors and is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.

Don’t miss this woodsy exhibition.  “With the Grain” at The Gallery 4 can be seen Tuesday through Saturday from 1pm to 8pm after the opening reception and will close on June 28th.

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