Future Tenant premieres PGH Artist Exhibit, “New Order: Collage Now”

Published On May 18, 2016 | By Missy Schrott | The Arts


This summer, local Pittsburgh artists will explore a diverse range of topics through a common medium – the collage – in the coming exhibition, “New Order: Collage Now.”

Beginning Friday, June 3, Future Tenant will host the month-long exhibit which features eight local artists, many of whose works are influenced and inspired by Pittsburgh culture.


“Bluster” – Knezovich

Each artist takes on his own perspective, uniting under the medium of the collage to shatter conventions, layer textures, and combine jarring ideas to tell new stories.

From Matthew Buchholz’s humorous infusion of science fiction into history, to Kim Fox’s patchwork tin map of the United States, New Order will bring together a fresh, exciting, and unexpected collection of art.

These accomplished artists will each bring a new flavor to the exhibit through an array of differing approaches, from charcoal on paper to a mishmash of wax, iron, and recycled debris.

new horizon

“New Horizon no15” – Knezovich

Stephen Knezovich

Fifth generation Pittsburgher Stephen Knezovich uses language and history to tell a story through collage. In addition to visual art, Knezovich additionally works in writing, publishing, and filmmaking. His art is inspired by his interest in English and our once print-based culture, stating that images are like words–“if you arrange and rearrange them vigorously enough, eventually small narratives begin to appear.”

Stephanie Armbruster



Cleveland native and Carnegie Mellon alumna Stephanie Armbruster relocated to Pittsburgh in 2001. The studio artist has a background in both graphic design and street art. Armbruster’s piece in New Order: Collage Now is inspired by music culture and nightlife. She plays with fiction, reality, myth, and memory as she depicts elements of modern late night culture.

Knezovich and Armbruster’s work will be displayed among the six other artists featured at Future Tenant’s cutting edge art space, located downtown at 819 Penn Avenue.

A free opening reception will be held at Future Tenant on June 3 at 6PM along with complimentary beer and cider – as if you needed another reason to go check it out.

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