Published On December 22, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

FunNow that we’ve established the world isn’t ending, it’s time to start thinking about what the new year will bring in terms of resolutions, goals and life in general. Why not commit to living the first month of 2013 to its fullest and stretching your creative muscles by participating in Fun-A-Day, a project started by the Philly-based Art Clash Collective. The project happens in over 20 cities each year all over the world with the idea to commit to doing something fun every single day in January. Participants can choose small projects to be completed daily or a larger endeavor that is worked on in pieces each day and completed at the end of the month. Everyone who commits to the project can display their creations at the Fun-A-Day art show, which takes place during the March 2013 Unblurred gallery crawl at the Mr. Roboto Project. Check out some of the photos from last year’s exhibit, which took place at the Mr. Roboto Project in Garfield.

For project ideas, visit the main Fun-A-Day website where you can view what others are planning to do and submit one of your own. If you are interested in doing a project, email with your name, a description of your project, a link if you’re posting your progress online, and both an email and phone number, which will remain confidential.

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