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Published On May 7, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

Film Kitchen, a monthly screening that takes place on the second Tuesday of every month, is happening tomorrow, May 8th at the Melwood Screening Room at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, located at 477 Melwood Avenue in North Oakland. The series highlights regional, independently-made short films and videos and is co-sponsored by Pittsburgh Filmmakers, WPTS-FM, Mellinger’s Beer Distributing, and Spak Brothers Pizza. Matthew Day of Pittsburgh Filmmakers is curating this month’s edition, which features works from Douglas Cooper, Brooke Schooles, Jamie Martina and Kaoru Tohara.

Douglas Cooper is well known in the local art scene for his large-scale graphite renderings of Pittsburgh landscapes. The City Paper did a lovely write-up on him and the other participants for the month. *Please note, they got the date of the event wrong, but that’s what we’re here for!

The real reason we’re writing, however, is because our pal Brooke Schooles is showing some of her work, and we’re quite fond of her art and her in general. She’s quite talented, and tomorrow’s screening culminates close to two years of effort. Her first piece is a dreamlike sequence that merges video and poetry and features the following talented spoken-word poets:

Wrong Me a Love Life (Jack WIlson and Christiane D.)
In a Sea (Nikki Allen)
Love Poem for Water (Vanessa German)
Kismet (Kellee Maize)
mmry cnqrs tme nd spc (Jenn Wertz)

Jamie Martina’s “It’s All Play”, a documentary about nightclub strippers and self-identity, will also be featured, in addition to a series of short videos about commercials titled “Behind the Tube”, by Kaoru Tohara.

The evening costs $6, with a reception beginning at 7PM and the screening at 8. For more information on Film Kitchen and their annual call for artists, visit here. This year’s theme is stink bugs! PU!

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