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Published On February 13, 2012 | By Sweet1Lani | Music, The Arts

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the Dutch, Holland or Amsterdam my mind harkens back to college and late nights passing around a J. But I will say I have visited A’dam and there is no denying its incredibly vibrant arts scene, it’s especially vibrant at the Van Gogh Museum after visiting a local smart shop! High or sober, the city certainly pushes your imagination, which is why I am very excited to hear about the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Distinctively Dutch Festival. 


It all kicked off earlier this month with the Wednesday Wine Flight: Dutch Diaspora, where you could “explore the Dutch influence on the global wine industry” on February 1st at the Cabaret Theater.  Programing for the festival lasts through May of 2012, with everything from a Craft Beer School, and theater and dance workshops/ performances to a Spring Flower Show at Phipps.

There is certainly a little something for everyone whether your “art of choice” is visual, dance or theater.  Here is my list of must attend events during the festival:


ANATOMICA “an unyielding exploration of the physical extremes of sexual competition and attraction.”  The show aligns contemporary dance and social commentary with an exploration of the dually ferocious and fragile nature of the human form.  It should prove to be awe inspiring and gut wrenching. Performances begin on February 18th.


Spring Flower Show featuring a historic Dutch display with tulips, wooden shoes and of course a windmill.   They will also be planting 15,000 bulbs in front of Phipp’s glasshouse, bringing some Dutch charm to the burgh. It all begins March 17th.


Diespace an innovative look at life, death and the internet; the show is a multi-media performance by PIPS:lab.  A play on myspace, facebook, etc, Diespace is “the first active internet community for the deceased.”  Conceptually, my mind is already blown! Showings are March 23rd – 25th.





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