PGH Cultural Trust Rings in Spring with April Gallery Crawl

Published On April 22, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | The Arts

Sculpture by Sandy Kessler Kaminski @ January’s Crawl

For the first time since January, the Gallery Crawl returns April 24 with 100% less freezing weather. This quarter’s Crawl will not only feature art, music, and performance, but will also host Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week events, which are taking place throughout the city during the week, including Friday events in the Cultural District. The breweries will be set up throughout the Gallery Crawl, giving attendees a chance to become educated on local, regional, and national craft beer.

Beginning at 5:30PM, visitors can stroll around the district as they please, popping into venues to see performances, exhibits, live music, and more. Below is a list of participating artists, comedians, musicians, and curators you can expect to see at this season’s crawl.

HC Gilje at Wood Street Galleries

This Norwegian artist, known for creating large, installation works, is bringing three of his pieces to the Cultural District’s Wood Street Galleries. Gilje often uses LED lights to evoke a certain shadow or projection that takes over the space, effectively rendering his work as installation art. Revolver, a 2013 piece that spent most of its time in Amsterdam, is coming to the ‘Burgh, as well as Spin, and a new piece, flimmer. Revolver consists of a triad of LED light circles that move and create translucent shadows on the walls (video below). Spin is a suspended circle of LED lights that change and move sporadically, casting intricate shadows of anything placed under the ring. Gilje’s work will be shown at the Crawl beginning at 5:30PM.

revolver 01 from hc gilje on Vimeo.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers at Harris Theater

julie mallis

“Eyed Know” by Julie Mallis

Local artists Julie Mallis, Jónó Mí Ló, Ivette Spradlin, and Julie Sokolow are bringing their video works to Harris Theater. Mallis is a CMU grad who has exhibited and performed her visual, installation, and performance art in New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. She’ll be showcasing “Nekophiliac – ahaha,” an eclectic, experimental short film. Jónó Mí Ló is an experimental videographer, musician, and visual artist. His work, which often consists of ethereal pastels and layered images, is on SoundCloud, Vimeo, and more. Spradlin, who made Pittsburgh her home after receiving a teaching position at CMU and Pittsburgh Filmmakers, is a University of Georgia graduate. She is a photographer and videographer that uses her work to explore and express interpersonal relationships, contact, and phenomena. Sokolow is a renowned musician, writer, and documentary filmmaker known for her recent doc, “Aspie Seeks Love.” The artist released an indie album at the age of 19 and hasn’t stopped creating art since – she’ll be showing her trailer for “Aspie Seeks Love” as well.

Yoko Suzuki Band at Sonoma Grille

Yoko Suzuki has played piano since she was six years old. Since then, she hasn’t ceased to teach herself new techniques and instruments, culminating with the alto saxophone. The musician and scholarly writer is a Pitt grad and professor, specializing in jazz history, arranging, and ensemble. In addition to teaching the ‘Burgh’s young musicians, Suzuki continues to perform and create music, including her live album, “Swift and Courageous,” recorded in Brooklyn, NY. She’ll be performing at Sonoma Grille with a live band – this is a great time to grab something to eat, given that seats will only be made available for those dining or having drinks. Don’t miss her performance, which kicks off at 5:30PM.

“The Sisters Sorella” at Arcade Comedy Theater

The Sisters Sorella

The Sisters Sorella

Arcade Comedy Theater and No Name Players are teaming up for a new, live sitcom called “The Sisters Sorella,” which includes built-in, improvisational commercials. No Name Players are performing the fourth monthly episode of the series at the Crawl – if you missed the first three, don’t fret! The episodes are ’80s sitcom-style, so you don’t have to worry about catching up. The best part? All of the episodes are written by the cast of the show, including Tressa Glover, Julianne Avolio, and Maggie Carr.

This event is part of Crawl After Dark; tickets are selling fast, so make sure you preorder them. $10 admission or $5 for students – BYOB!

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