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Published On August 8, 2013 | By Isaac Kozell | The Arts

Davon Magwood PittsburghA lot has happened since we last talked to Davon Magwood. For instance, he moved to the West Coast, started an online battle with the Westboro Baptist Church, launched a DIY nationwide headlining tour, and got a sweet-ass Batman tattoo. The aforementioned tour, appropriately entitled, “Yeah I Said It,” is making it’s way to Club Café this Saturday night with two back-to-back shows.

So far, the road has been treating him well and his audiences aren’t the only ones being entertained. Magwood’s live show is designed for his pleasure too.

“In Kalamazoo there was a female heckler,” he recounts. “I couldn’t shut her up, she so was wasted. I did my sex bits and these two really hot girls start making out in the audience for me. It was insane. So, I told the lady heckler to make it a three way. I stopped my set to slow clap and as she crept closer, the other girls stiff-armed her and because she was so drunk, she fell.”

Later this year, Magwood plans on moving to LA and recording his first full hour comedy album. But before that, he has to finish his tour.

It was rumored that the WBC would be on hand to picket the Pittsburgh show, a threat that stemmed from a Twitter war of words that began with this tweet by Magwood: (pic of tweet)

Davon Magwood Twitter

However, it appears that this time, the kooks of the WBC have backed down. “They are cowards. It’s hard to bully someone who can – and will – stand up for themselves. It’s easier for those low-lives to picket funerals. If they don’t show up it’s because Pittsburgh scared them…and because parking on the South Side on a Saturday is the worst,” says Magwood.

God Hates Jags Commonwealth PressTheir retreat may be due in part to a successful campaign that arose from the dust-up. Magwood partnered with a Pittsburgh t-shirt printing company, Commonwealth Press, to produce the God Hates Jags shirt, a biting Pittsburghese twist on the infamous WBC tagline, God Hates Fags.

The God Hates Jags campaign gained support from the LGBTQ community, went viral, and was eventually picked up as a story on Huffington Post.

Whether this Saturday’s show is protested or not, Magwood remains focused on the bigger picture. “This WBC crap is awesome only because I stayed true to myself and what I stand for. I want to always continue that.”

Details for Saturday’s double-header are below.

1st Show @ 7PM: Davon Magwood Headlining. Hosted by Jordan Weeks with Guests John Dick Winters, John Pridmore, Susie Meister Butler, Isaac Kozell, Joe Polizzotti

2nd Show @ 10PM: Davon Magwood Headlining. Hosted by Jordan Weeks with Guests Alex Stypula, Shannon Norman, Tim Ross, Christopher Szafran, Solomon, Olivia Grace Traini

Tickets can be purchased here.

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