Call For Artists: Pittsburgh City Paper's ArtBox Project

Published On June 22, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

The Pittsburgh City Paper is seeking submissions for a special public art project they’re hosting. Ten local artists will be selected to have their art appear on street boxes around the city. The City Paper will provide up to $150 per artist for materials and the finish products will be revealed at their 2012 “Best Of” party in addition to appearing in their October 24th issue. Readers will then vote online for their favorite ArtBox and the winner will snag $500 bucks! What’s a street box, you ask?

This, my friend, is a street box. And yes, I felt the need to clarify this because I wondered the same thing myself. So deal widdit! The City Paper is supplying 10 of these puppies for 10 lucky local artists to get all creative on and display around town, so if you’re an artist, listen up for deets!

How to apply: Visit the City Paper’s website and click on “ArtBox Project” under the “PROMO” tab.

What are the submission requirements?
1. Brief bio (200 word minimum)
2. You must place the Pittsburgh City Paper sticker must remain in the designated area on the box and be a part of the design.
3. All original artwork. No copyrighted images are permitted.
4. The sketch/mock-up theme submitted must be carried to the final ArtBox design.

And the terms?
1. Artwork must be suitable for a community space. This means no profanity, peens, boobs, dupas!
2. The Pittsburgh City Paper reserves the right to remove any work at any time.
3. No discriminating or offensive images or words. This was somewhat covered in #1. Be nice!

Deadline for submissions is June 30. So get your art on and submit a piece! More details on the contest can be found here.

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