“Brain, Self, Object” Teaches Art Lovers to Love Art

Published On May 8, 2015 | By Theo McCauley | The Arts

GrasselPittsburgh native Jay A. Grassel toured the world as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army during Operation Enduring Freedom. This, in combination with seven years of stonemasonry, has greatly influenced and sculpted him into the artist that stands today.

Grassel brings a unique view of contextualized space and depth to his work in order to communicate to his audiences. His work and skill in this direction has only been proving to augment since its official start in 2011. On the home page of his website, Grassel writes, “I choose to use the varied language of abstcopper maskraction in painting and sculpture to communicate responses to experiences in my life.”

The quote captures Grassel’s essence well. His works are not immediately accessible, but they invite the audience to think deeply. It is through this deeper thought that viewers truly begin to see themselves and the art for what they really could be.

Grassel’s portfolio is sprawling. It features war photography, paintings, sculptures, and installations. The artist will be premiering his most recent work in a solo exhibit, titled “Brain, Self, Object,” on Thursday, May 14. In his newest exhibit, Grassel’s paintings implore to be investigated; the aesthetic visuals, the language of the image, itself, and a subtle conversation between texture and surface bring his art to life because the true nature can only be interpreted through the sum of its fragments.

Grassel’s showcase takes place at Braddock’s UnSmoke Systems Artspace, and admission is free.

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