Aspie Seeks Love: An Uncanny Approach to Romance

Published On March 26, 2015 | By Theo McCauley | The Arts

Aspie Seeks LoveArtist, writer, romantic, aspie. David V. Mathews has been fruitlessly in search of love for more than two decades. His approach is unique, and centered around posting personal profiles featuring stylish pictures of himself paired with clever jokes and witty pop culture references (similar to some profiles you might find on OkCupid) to various telephone poles across Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. At 41 years old, David was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome; it was a  diagnoses that changed his life and the way he approached romance, once and for all.

The documentary depicting David’s quest for romance has won numerous accolades, including official selections for Best Documentary Feature Film from Cinequest, Omaha Film Festival, and Byron Bay International Film Festival. The film was directed by former Pitt Student Julie Sokolow, who came into contact with David the way most people do – David sent her a Facebook message. “I’ve seen your documentaries,” David writes,  “And I think you should make one about me,” David wrote.

The situation really does seem uncanny, but the two artists were neighbors David’s is not the kind of personality one would easily forget . They never officially met, but Julie says that she’d already invested a substantial portion of curiosity into his telephone pole fliers. Apparently, everyone had. After 20 years of papering his world with widespread personal ads, David had developed an impressive a public persona.
Julie just couldn’t say no; for the next four years, she followed David’s pursuits and documented every minute of his inspiring commitment to love. “The film has always been about David apart from his diagnosis. He’s a writer, an artist, a hilarious commentator, and he’s going on this quest for love. So it’s about a lot more than just autism,” Julie says on behalf of her film.

This investigation into David’s one of a kind approach to love should be especially poignant in this era of social media, indirect communication, and internet dating. Perhaps we’ll find that David is not the only one living in a world where anyone can talk to everyone, but everyone feels lonely.

The two Pittsburgh residents are very excited to premiere their film at the Regent Square Theatre (1305 South Braddock Ave., Regent Square) this Thursday, March 26. Seating starts at 7PM, and the film will be followed by a special Q&A with Julie and David. Don’t miss it!

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