Published On December 8, 2011 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

Do you miss Halloween yet?  Don’t you wish everyday could be Halloween?  At Specter Studios it might as well be.  This local costume manufacturer specializes in handmade masks and accessories created by their very talented artists.  Everything at Specter is done by hand, from making the molds to hand painting each piece, their staff are truly artisans.

Which is why, now that the Halloween sugar high is officially over, Specter is hosting an Open House/ Art Show to highlight their in house artists.  ARTthrob goes down Friday, December 9th at their studio in Sharpsburg.  Featured Artists include: Max Almeida, Mike Doran, Leigh Ferraro, Gypzy, China Horrell, Eanna Holton, Dylan Knepp, Meeker, and Shane Vannest!  You will also get behind the scenes access to the shop and see their tricks of the trade.

We got a special surprise from them when they gifted us with customized owl masks in honor of our company mascot.  In fact some of Specter Studios coolest jobs are customized works from all over the world!  You name it and they will design and craft it from scratch.  They have a lot of pieces featured in photo shoots, movies, TV, and music videos.  Specter Studios can now be found on every single continent, as some pieces were recently shipped to Antarctica to make it official.

My personal favorite is their hand made scoodies, that’s a scarf + hoodie with built-in mittens for those of you who don’t know.  Animal scoodies are a serious trend this year, and Specter’s are high quality and lined with soft fleece.

So if you find yourself with a craving for some eclectic art on Friday, head on over to Specter Studios, have a few Iron City beers and Fuze, and party with the Specter team. The event goes 7pm-12am and is located at 1600 S. Canal St. in Sharpsburg. For more event information, visit their Facebook Event page.

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