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Published On July 12, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

The quarterly installment of the gallery crawl is coming up on Friday. The crawl takes place in the cultural district and includes various galleries scattered along the Penn Avenue and Wood Street corridors. I’ve been to many-a-crawl, but I’ve never actually bothered to look up information ahead of time. Here’s what I didn’t know before about the crawl:

You can text CRAWL to SMASH (76274) to receive “exclusive offers and more”. That has booty text written ALL over it! I would love to know what these exclusive offers are. It would be cool if someone offered me $50 bucks at a gallery crawl. A lap dance perhaps? Maybe that’s what’s included in the “more” category. Though, if I got $50 I could just head over to Blush and buy a lap dance I s’pose. I’m going to have to text on Friday to see what they come up with.

FREE Green Gears Pedicab rides between crawl stops from 6 to 9pm. You know, for those of you who are young and lazy, old and gimpy or anything in between. Plus, pedicab rides are fun, and the people who work for them are some delightful and friendly characters. I hear their tooshies get groped a lot, so it’s okay if you’re tempted. Who can’t resist a nice toosh bouncin’ around mere feet from your face? Certainly not Big Freedia! I would love to see someone sissy bounce on a pedicab for Freedia’s next vid. Hot.

Tonic, the restaurant on 971 Liberty Ave. has a gallery space on the second floor. I’ve eaten there so many times and never knew that! They have fantastic food. This is a regular post-crawl spot of mine. For those of you who aren’t too into art and are just accompanying someone who is, this is a good place to go indulge in a few adult bevs and “pretend” to look at art.

We’d also like to highlight an exhibit by one of our lovely and talented friends, Stephanie Armbruster. The exhibit, titled “In Search of Something More” explores the “challenges and opportunities as a rust belt city native”. Stephanie is originally from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, but has lived in Pittsburgh for a number of years now, receiving her BFA from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in 2006. During her time in college she honed her typography and painting skills, which are now primary components of her art. Stephanie’s stream of consciousness art is heavily influenced by urban architecture, street culture, and the cityscapes that surround her. Sure, Pittsburgh is one of the most strikingly beautiful cities in the country, but Stephanie chooses to focus on its grittier aspects for inspiration. She was also selected as one of the 2011 Flight School Fellows, a program designed to help artists advance their careers through the expertise of the New York-based nonprofit Creative Capital and mentoring by Pittsburgh artists and professionals. Stephanie shares this honor with other well-known Pgh talents such as Vanessa German and David English. Beloved Humanaut deejays Paul Alexander and Aaron Clark will be providing the soundtrack to the evening, so get there early, have one too many, and then hop on over to the after party!

Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh has been happening for a few years now, but they decided to relocate for their 2011 celebration to Bally’s downtown. DJ Ed Um, Expensive Shit and Analog Pleasure Model will be providing sweet party jams for what should be a fantastic time. You might remember Expensive Shit from a previous post, as well as Analog Pleasure Model, who we covered during our 30 day and 30 night journey.

See you at the crawl, which takes place from 5:30 to 9pm this Friday, July 15th.

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