Art Attack

Published On February 2, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

Have you ever been to Gallery 4? Nope, me either. There’s a first for everything, and my first experience at Gallery 4 was quite the delight. Located on Shadyside’s bustling Highland Avenue, Gallery 4 is a nifty little space for art. Michael Walsh, a Pittsburgh native who has left us for greener pastures, decided to have his latest exhibit in Pgh, with the closing reception taking place this past Friday at Gallery 4. If you don’t know who he is, I dare you to Google ‘artist Michael Walsh’ or any similar combination. Initial reaction: there are a lot of artists named Michael Walsh! Secondary response: those bitches ain’t got nothin’ on this Michael Walsh.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about this gallery is that it wasn’t stuffy. There was plenty of room to look at the art without feeling like your personal zone was being invaded. That’s important. Forget about breathing, I need room to hold my beer. You could do so comfortably in this space. Conversation was also another thing that came easy here, as well as the cocktails, provided free of charge by Pgh-based Clique Vodka. There was music, but it wasn’t loud enough to interfere with all of the art talk going on. This gallery is set up intelligently – with the party in the front and the business in the back. And by party I mean art, duh!

If you haven’t seen a Michael Walsh piece, perhaps you should. Philly-based Blow the Scene did a great write-up of Walsh.  This interview will tell you all there is to know about the one-and-only Walsh. So rather than reinvent the wheel, why don’t you just hop on over there to see what this dude is all about.

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