“All-Scene” Music Fest Brings PGH Arts Communities Together

Published On July 16, 2015 | By Megan Tomasic | The Arts

Jordan York

On August 8, the second annual “All-Scene” Entertainment Festival will uniquely unite the arts communities by bringing artists, comedians, and musicians of all genres together under one roof.

Founder Mike Zickefoose believes that Pittsburgh talent can and will be celebrated and supported by bringing a myriad of artists from various practices together.

Zickefoose also hopes that “All-Scene” will allow all talents to become known and recognized within Pittsburgh’s artistic realm:

We want to have something there for everyone within the different genres, as well as with art[works] and games … We want to bring different local talents together, with everyone being more open minded as far as genres.

I feel that anyone, their first time walking into the show, could enjoy and follow a local band after seeing them, hopefully, at “All-Scene.” I would like to think that it would just benefit everyone–in any genre, at any angle.

All Scene’s music lineup for this year features the following artists: 

In addition, the DIY Race to the Coffin Comedy collective will be onsite with comedians Andy PicarroAlex StypulaDerek Minto, Jesse Irvin, Holly Price, Molly Sharrow, and Will Ness. The show will be hosted by John Dick Winters beginning at 9PM.

derek minto

Derek Minto

Along with enjoying live entertainment, guests can also sign up through August 7 to play in competitive beer pong, darts, air hockey, and pool tournaments for the chance to win multiple prizes. Only 16 slots are open, but free game play will be available to all after the tournament.

Festival organizers are still accepting vendors and artists interested in showing and selling their work at “All-Scene.” Suggested submissions are 2D and 3D art, which will be curated and entered into the Fan Favorite Artist competition. The artist who receives the most votes will win a prize.

Interested artists can submit their name, info, and work samples by email until July 26. Interested vendors can also submit their info until August 1, and will be entered into a separate “Fan Favorite Artist” competition.

We would like to have continued support of artists and entertainers each year. Just experiencing the newness and freshness of the event, and throughout the entire day, so that everyone can have a positive time … and to also get a better understanding of Mr. Smalls and what its going to hold in the future.

The “All-Scene” Entertainment Festival will be held at Mr. Smalls on August 8. Doors (18+) open at 3:30PM, music begins at 4PM, and tickets are $10 at the door. For those already planning to attend, you can save 2 bucks at the door with a Facebook RSVP!

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