Jim Gaffigan at the Benedum

Published On August 16, 2012 | By Isaac Kozell | The Arts

“Pie can’t compete with cake. Put candles in a cake, it’s a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, and somebody’s drunk in the kitchen.” That joke is a perfect representation of the deadpan observational comedy of Jim Gaffigan, who is performing at the Benedum Theater, one night only, this Saturday, August 18th at 7:00PM. You may know Gaffigan from one of his eight full length albums, multiple Comedy Central specials, character work in TV shows like My Boys and Flight of the Concords, and appearances in films such as Super Troopers and Away We Go. At 46 years of age, his professional resume is as diverse as it is long. But for Gaffigan, it always comes back to stand up comedy.

Gaffigan speaks about what he knows, which for a middle aged, pale, balding white guy usually falls into the categories of food, laziness, American consumerism and being a family man. These may seem like well-tread subjects but Gaffigan has a unique way of highlighting nuances that other comics tend to miss. His viewpoints often come in from left field and land firmly into an area of truth that resonates deeply with his audience.

“For me, stand-up comedy is a conversation between me and the audience. I have to keep them listening. When I’m making jokes about cake for twenty minutes, I have to make sure my audience is interested and following where I’m going.”

One way in which Gaffigan connects with his audience is with his trademark “inner voice,” which he uses to offer commentary on his jokes from the viewpoint of a slightly confused, mildly offended audience member. That method of witty of self deprecation makes Gaffigan all the more endearing and interesting as a performer.

Catch Jim Gaffigan this Saturday as he brings his “America Tour” to Pittsburgh’s Benedum Theater. Tickets are available here. Check out one of his videos below:

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