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Published On May 18, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

You can take the Matrix out of Station Square, but you can’t take the Station Square out of the space that the Matrix once occupied. That, my friends is Carson Street Live in a nutshell. I’m not here to bash, just callin’ it like it is. If you have a fresh Affliction shirt to show off or a brand new, spotlessly white puka shell necklace you just purchased from Hollister that you’ve been dying to sport, this is your spot! As someone who used to work in Station Square, I can say that it does have its perks. It’s not a bad spot for the top-40 crowd, but as someone who closely identifies with an alternative genre, it’s rather one-sided in terms of options. I did like Buchkeads back in the day, but that was during a more impressionable time in my life and had a lot to do with the foxy guy who ran the place. Bar Louie also has a great view of the river. Then again, so do other spots in the city. Taste aside, Carson Street Live is not a bad place to see a show. The stage is elevated, which is always a good sign. The sound was good and I didn’t find earplugs to be as much of a necessity as they are at other venues, despite the loud nature of the music. The set-up was open and there was plenty of bar space to get a drink comfortably. You’d almost think you were at the Matrix hadn’t they completely revamped what I think was the weird ravey, industrial-themed room with a swing and oxygen bar (lols) into a concert venue.

The night consisted of three bands. The Delaneys, Mission Play and Finger Eleven. The Delaneys are pretty much a middle-aged Pittsburgh staple. They do a lot of covers and whatnot. They have a pretty good presence in the local scene. I couldn’t find a thang online about Mission Play, so you’ll have to rely on my recap. They were good if hard rock is your thang. The lead singer looks a lot like Ben Roethlisberger, which we found to be pretty hilarious. Imagine Big Ben fronting a hard rock band. He’d love that. Maybe it would get him laid more since he seems to have a problem with consent. This guy, though – the lead singer of Mission Play – you could tell he probably has some groupies. He stuck his tongue out a lot. He was no Gene Simmons, but who needs Gene when you have a Ben lookalike!? I couldn’t help but laugh at the facial expressions of some of the band members. Their drummer looked like he was trying to chew his cheek off. Their keyboard player kept his eyes closed pretty much the entire time. He either needs to brush up on his skills or poop more often. Other than that, they were pretty standard. Their sound teetered between being a Fuel wannabe and a Metallica tribute band. Yes, I know you forgot all about Fuel until now. Sorry for rehashing that memory. Dude’s voice was excruciating!

By the time Finger Eleven came on, I’d had my fill of Carson Street Live. Thankfully they put on an entertaining show. As soon as they started playing, I overheard the singer from the previous band say, “Yeah, they’re not bad.” Pretty sure they enjoyed mediocre mainstream success in the nineties while you were probably doing Megadeth air guitar solos in between flipping burgers. No shit they aren’t bad…compared to your band! Fo reals though, they weren’t bad, and their stage presence said a lot about their character as a band. They don’t care it’s no longer 1998, they’re going to rock out like it still is. One of their guitarists was out of control. The only description that comes to mind is guitar gymnastics. This guy could not keep his guitar strap in place. He kept removing it and putting it back on in between plucks, slapping and picking away at an instrument he’d throw into the air and still maintain control of. Clearly this guy was not playing anything complicated. He also had a sick beard and hair that flopped around a-la Bassnectar. This was a striking contrast to their bass player, who sported the stereotypical half-retard bass wrist stance. All I could think was, thank God my boo doesn’t look that while playing the bass. I’d have to dump him.

As for tonight, we’re heading to hang out with some old fogies at the Pittsburgh Banjo Club. This event is a huge tradition for many a senior on the North Side, and we couldn’t be happier to see for ourselves what hipsters have been raving about for years. Yee haw!

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