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Published On May 19, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

The Pittsburgh Banjo Club is a prime example of everything that’s great about Pittsburgh. Cross-generational mingling, timeless music and cheap drafts are all contributors to a very worthwhile, very unique Wednesday night hap. I’ve heard buzz of this event for some time now, but had no idea of the wonderful atmosphere and rapport the club has continued to foster with the patrons who return week after week. This one-of-a-kind event possessed a certain charm that only could be created by the sense of community generated within its walls. It was heartwarming, adorable and entertaining all at the same time.

One thing to note before going to the club is you shouldn’t come tired. Seats don’t come easily, and I would imagine you’d have to get there pretty early to get one. The number of senior citizens rivals that of the young hipster demographic, so I would feel a bit reluctant taking a seat that someone older than myself can use. How chivalrous of me, right!? Last night had me thinking that getting old won’t be so bad. As long as I have something as hip as this to go to, I’ll be just fine.

The night smelled like a combination of Old Spice and Brut, which left me missing my grandpa, who is very much still alive – I just don’t call him as much as I should. The number of adorably cute old women was almost overwhelming. Then DJ took the stage, and it was all over. DJ is the Banjo Club’s resident babe. She’ll come and sing a few songs each week, and took to the stage last night with a fantastic rendition of “All of Me” – which she used to segue into her next song and encouraged everyone to dance by saying, “Girls & boys, boys & girls, boys & boys, girls & girls – I’m a liberal, just do it!” While DJ was probably a liberal her entire life, I couldn’t help but wonder if her exposure to younger generations via the Banjo Club had anything to do with her open-mindedness regarding sexuality. The Pittsburgh Banjo Club is truly a place where everyone can feel comfortable regardless of age, sexual orientation or race – a cultural melting pot of ideas, people, worldviews and backgrounds. We exited to a content and eager gentleman who encouraged every patron to come back. I will certainly be returning. This was definitely a favorite of the month.

Tonight we’ll be heading to Brillo for the very last Hott Mess! Ashley from Yinzerparty is leaving the Pgh for greener pastures. Her departure is bittersweet, and I will personally miss her crazy ass very much. She’s hosting a side show with the one and only Lucky the Painproof Man, who recently won a Ripley’s contest. I used to work with this guy and have seen his routine – it’s wild! My boo will also be guest starring as the World’s Tallest Party Giant. Photo recap of last night below.

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