30/30 Night Twenty Four Recap | Night Twenty Five Deets

Published On May 22, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

Last night was um, well, interesting to say the least. It was an A/V feast combined with dirty beats, eccentric performers and silly props. Pure Hype opened the evening with their usual antics, combining beats against interesting projections. The night’s images consisted of apocalyptic scenarios which began with cityscapes, bridges and the day to day hustle and bustle of any city. By the end of their set, most of the previous images were burning in a firey wormhole that sucked every last thing up into its arms. How very Rapture of them. They also had a lot of earth-themed images such as a cat and an eagle. My personal fave was a broad whose boobs would grow to epic proportions within about 5 seconds.

Somehow I expected more out of Boy Scout of America, who is here on tour supporting Cold Cave. Their sound was harsh at times, and their position in the room was rather awkward. Their projections were eerie, but not nearly as exciting or comical as the other performances that night. All in all they were my least fave of the evening. I highly favor Pittsburgh talent!

I don’t know who needs mental help more – dude from Mrs. Paintbrush or dude from Extreme Animals. Both gentleman gave highly-engaging and comical performances. Mrs. Paintbrush is a local favorite, and I applaud his choice of using a head lamp as an impromptu spotlight. It somehow made everything he said funnier. He wanted everyone to know, “I may not be Batman, but I’m a nice guy.” While I could dedicate an entire post to Extreme Animals, I will refrain. I don’t have time to tackle these cats right now, but they are very intriguing. I plan on doing some research on them so I can give you the dilly in a more informed way.

Tonight we’ll be at the Shadow Lounge for The Right Now. I hear they’re pretty good and this is not their first time in the Pgh, so expect some groupies! Until tomorrow, Pgh!

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