30/30 Night Twenty Five Recap | Night Twenty Six Deets

Published On May 23, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

I rarely get this excited about seeing new bands, but Chicago-based The Right Now are effing fantastic! I have seen an ungodly amount of music these past three weeks, and haven’t been quite as blown away by a band than I was with these guys. If soul and funk is your thang, you need to peep these folks. If you are a fan of Amy Winehouse or pre-crack whore Joss Stone, check out The Right Now immediately! In fact, F Joss Stone, this is the band she wished she had! The vids on their website do the lead singer, Stephanie no justice. Her voice was absolutely flawless last night. She is also uber friendly and knows how to work a crowd. Both are a plus in my book. I have yet to find a video that matches the level of their performance last night. It was incredible. This group of musicians has been together for four years. Their high-energy performance consisted of a drummer, a lead guitarist, bassist, keyboards, two saxophones and a trombone. The band opened the night by saying, “I know it’s Sunday, but we can take it to church if we want!” Girlfriend took it way beyond church. She took it to the Vatican, yo!

The Right Now has been to the Shadow Lounge four times in the past two years. If that isn’t a sign of a venue doing something right – I don’t know what is. Justin and his posse like to treat people who come through their venue the proper way with some good ol’ Pgh hospitality, and that sentiment has been reciprocated in the form of sweet, sweet jams. While I was watching the performance, I couldn’t help but think about the level of success the Shadow Lounge has maintained throughout the years. They had a great turnout for a Sunday. The pace was a bit slow while Buscrates spun for the first hour and a half, but as soon as the band took the stage, the place filled out in no time. I can always count on the Shadow Lounge to supply me with a solid time. I’m looking forward to their block parties this summer. Rumor has it they’re doing a series from June-September rather than a weekend to-do. Way to spread the party out – digging it!

Tonight we’re having a difficult time deciding if we should head to Club Cafe for their weekly installment of Acousticafe or to one of the Dancing With the Stars viewing parties that are popping up throughout the city. We shall see!

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