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Published On May 26, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

I woke up today feelin pretty, pretty good (tehehe Curb reference), which is probably due to the amount of Iron City pumping through my body. That stuff has been treating me right all month. Know what else has been treating me right lately? Punk Rock Karaoke. What a hoot! I saw their youtube videos, but I wasn’t expecting such a high-energy, entertaining display of karaoke antics. Some of the attempts were even good!

The night tries to keep it as 90s as possible, with guests picking from a selection of predetermined songs that the band learns ahead of time. Yeah, band – this is live band karaoke. None of that bouncey ball word shit – this is authentic, balls to the walls karaoke. It is not for the casual karaoke-goer, it’s for those who put some serious prep work into the songs they perform. At the very least, you have to know the song by heart, because the lyrics are printed in a songbook and they sure as hell aren’t keeping the pace for you. The result is a hilarious, sometimes awful but most of the time awesome spectacle. The band, comprised of musicians from various local bands, seems as though they truly enjoy this monthly gig. It’s no pressure for them, rather, the pressure falls on their next karaoke victim. Highlights of the night included this cute hipster broad’s bad ass rendition of The Clash’s “Brand New Cadillac”. You would never have guessed such a strong voice comes from such a tiny gal, but she belted it out like she was punk to the max. Another guy, whose name is supposedly Sam, was a favorite of mine. He had a gurgly, raspy voice that did proper justice to every song he performed. His take on Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” was so on point, I found myself wishing this guy had a band. I suppose he does, one Wednesday a month, at Howlers. Rumor has it thangs were a bit more poppin’ than usual, but they weren’t poppin’ off to the point that you couldn’t get a seat or had to smell someone else’s pits. On that note, it’s BO season, folks – and I’ve already had to smell an ungodly amount of it these past few weeks, so get yourself some hippie deodorant and wash that shiyat.

I will definitely be going back to this hap, which occurs on the last Wednesday of every month. I’ve already started practicing my song for next month. I’m ahead of the curve. Tonight, though, is a different story. SO different, that we can’t even tell you what we’re doing. I know it defeats the purpose, but hey, we’re almost done, and we are going ALL OUT for what should be the most over-the-top, wild and crazy night thus far of 30/30. All we can tell you is that we’ll be in the South Side. The rest is up for you to discover. And trust – you’ll hear all about it tomorrow, suckas!

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