30/30 Night Twelve Recap | Night Thirteen Deets

Published On May 10, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

Holy hell was last night crazy for a Monday. The South Side was in full effect, which I think has something to do with school being over for most college students. People want to get their booze on, and their mosh on too apparently. I took more notes from last night’s experience than I have for any other. It wasn’t a brand new experience, puh lease, I’ve been to my fair share of shows like this. None of them took place at Diesel, though, and the bands performing last night were quite thrown off by the environment. I got there in enough time to see most of Strung Out‘s set. I dug it. I enjoyed the fact these middle-aged fogies could still rock as hard as their younger counterparts. I had to chuckle at times, though. This show was not that grimey, musically, but these kids were moshing like they were at a hardcore death metal show. As someone who grew up frequenting hardcore shows (arg, I know) I can say the attitude of the music did not match the attitude of the fans.

These fans were looking to f some shit up! I guess Face to Face hasn’t played in a while…or something? I guess they were trying to relive the mid nineties? Oh wait, these moshers were still in diapers at that time. I just really didn’t get why they were going so crazy. This music took me straight back to high school and the days of playing Tony Hawk on original Playstation. I still have one of those, btw, and that game. The show made me want to bust out my chain wallet, get a pixie cut and start dating boys who listen to Poison The Well. Boy have I come a long way in that department! Though, my boo was there and listened to this type of music 10 years ago, so it kinda makes sense. Maybe I haven’t come a long way…maybe he’s on the train to dump town! We’ll see how long it takes him to read this. Hee.

Diesel had a tough time dealing with the extreme amount of testosterone in the room. The lead singer of Strung Out climbed from the stage to a very tall speaker near the balcony. Security kept trying to tug him by the pants to get him back onto the stage, but dude just wasn’t having it. After their set was over, the security guy who guards the upstairs sighed and rolled his eyes at me. You could tell he was a tight ass. You could also tell that these bands weren’t used to performing in such a clubby space. Face to Face opened their set by saying, “This is a professional rock and roll show, despite appearances.” Maybe the crowd felt as though they needed to act more rock and roll to compensate for the anything but punk environment. I found Face to Face to be a bit too polished. You could tell they’ve been playing together for years. I like my punk a little more grungy and rough around the edges. I enjoyed Strung Out more, but could recognize who the better musicians were. Superior musicianship doesn’t always equal a better concert experience.

Face to Face ended the night on a nostalgic note, asking the crowd if they’d been to see them when they played at the Metropol or the Electric Banana, telling everyone “You guys are a lot of fun.” I’ve never even heard of the banana place, if that’s any indication of how young my ass is. My only takeaway from this experience other than witnessing two dudes get body slammed by security outside and meeting Strung Out’s tour manager (who btw, loves Pittsburgh) would have to be the fact that I hope the nineties never come back into style. I can look back on the music of that period with a sense of fondness, but by no means do I consider it any good. Screw time machines, just buy a ticket to Strung Out’s next gig on their tour and you can be blasted back to the days of chain necklaces, cargo pants, Bad Religion tees, green hair and bowl cuts. Man, what a tacky decade.

Tonight will be much more hip! We’re going to the Altar Bar for their AWOLNATION show. It’s fun and it’s free, so join us if you’re feeling up to it! For a full photo gallery from last night, visit my boo’s blog Blow the Scene.

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