30/30 Night Thirteen Recap | Night Fourteen Deets

Published On May 11, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

Awolnation2Well, I wish I had glorious things to say about AWOLNATION, but I had a feeling this would be a bust before I even got there. I first heard their song “Sail” on one of the satellite tv radio channels at work. It was a bleepy bloop, electro pop channel, so I thought I would be somewhat safe from mainstream noise. So wrong! The band also did a great song with Wale called Guilty Filthy Soul. Sam Ronson did a remix that I really enjoy. I know this teeters dangerously around top 40 territory, but I’m not ashamed. If these are the types of jams played on the radio these days, I may have to start listening again. The crowd, however, was about as top 40 as you could get. I don’t know what I was expecting, really. I know I’ve had my fill of Affliction tees for the week. This is a band that would play a free show in Seaside Heights, fo sho.

AWOLNATION has played gigs with Weezer and MGMT. This seems fitting. They’re entirely too gimmicky for my taste, though. “Blame it on my ADD” is not the type of t-shirt I would want to wear. How about – “Blame it on my Ritalin habit” instead? Don’t even get me started on their website. Eek! Altar was odd as usual. I don’t understand the system they use to block off 21 from non 21-ers, but it totally bites. They had pews downstairs that were facing away from the stage – how does that make sense? And those curtains! Bah! At least they were tied back for this show, cos I’ve wanted to rip them down almost every other time I’ve seen a show there. All in all, it wasn’t a huge disappointment…it was free, so the only thing I lost was a little bit of dignity and a few hours from my evening. Bring it on, Wednesday!

We’ll be at Stage AE for their first ever outdoor show! Then, we’re hopping over to the BBT for FUZZ’s 11th anniversary show with Klute. That isn’t even half of what’s poppin off in the Pgh tonight! Party proper!

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