30/30 Night Ten Recap | Day Eleven Deets

Published On May 8, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

If you were looking for some clean fun this weekend, you probably steered clear from the Dirty Ball. I felt especially grungy this morning after an action-packed night of drinking, dancing and dressing up. Sobriety is not an option when you have an assload of free booze at your disposal. The outfits were crazy, to say the least, and we even got to see some lady parts. Between the spandex, shirtless broads with bananas and performances at every turn, crazy was in full effect.

The Dirty Ball is the Attack Theatre’s annual benefit. If this event is any indication of how entertaining seeing one of their productions is, sign me up. I volunteered at the very first dirty ball six or seven years ago, and this event is nothing like it was back then. It has grown so much, and the direction it has taken is on another level than my first encounter with the event. While the theme and spirit remain the same, they did a wonderful job of growing the Dirty Ball into one of the must-go parties of the year. Title Town DJs Gordy and J Malls held down the fort between intensely choreographed routines with anywhere from two to ten people on stage at a time. The event concluded with a hilarious fashion show which highlighted all of the top crazy fashions present that night. My roommate and her orange, backless, retro seventies-inspired tube dress complete with fabulous bright blue shoes ended up gracing the stage. Every corner of the room was a stage, though, and I kept finding a new dancer every time I’d find myself staring into space. I’d look up and there would be someone dancing with a railing, I’d go to the toilet and find a caged woman in the corner. I had to be careful not to stand in one spot for too long or else I might find myself being danced around by a shirtless woman with her nipples painted who was feeding people bananas. I think that was more for the guys. All us broads got were a few cute dancers in spandex. What a trade off.

We’re taking the night off in lieu of brunch at the Cantina with Runaway. We’re going to get our fix in early today so that we can save our energy for the crazy week ahead. Get out of the house and into the sun and join us for some Sunday jams!

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