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Published On May 4, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

Last night was the first night since we’ve started this thing that we felt really out of our element. At Mr. Smalls nonetheless! I couldn’t help but notice the number of gay women at the Uh Huh Her show. Like, duh – the band contains one of the most popular cast mates of the hit TV series The L Word, which had a six-year run on Showtime a few years back. I knew that! In fact, that show was my Sex and the City. I’m not into broads, but I’ve always said if all lesbians were really as hot as they are on that show, I might have to reconsider. DAYOM! Alice Pieszecki is the character, and was deemed the Carrie Bradshaw of that show, however her name in real life is Leisha Hailey. Girlfriend looked nothing like she did on that show.

Want proof? Check out Leisha trying to be all grunged-out and rockstar. Who the hell is on that shirt? Then, check out her character on The L Word looking all hip and stylish. Hey, guurl! I see you…

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I was expecting something between the two. I identify Leisha so closely with her character, Alice, that I found it difficult at times to take her seriously as a musician. The band is fronted by Camila Grey, a former member of the low-fi rock band Mellowdrone. She’s also played bass and keyboards for a variety of popular musicians and is currently in Adam Lambert’s live band. Broad has talent. She has a really nice voice too. Together, the two sounded good, but maybe just a tinge too soft for the rock accompaniment. Leisha seemed like she was holding her own on guitar and occasional keys until it came time for her to do a song of her own. Bring on the lols – bring em on. It became clear at that moment that the only reason she’s in the band is because of the fame she acquired from being such a likable character on The L Word. Sure she left her previous bands, The Murmurs and Gush, to be on that show, but the musical presence of Camila totally overshadowed anything Leisha had to contribute.

I would like to reiterate that they didn’t sound bad together, though, and the band as a whole wasn’t too shabby. They toyed between the lines of being a really mediocre, stereotypically lesbian-sounding band and being a legit indie pop outfit. Stereotypical in this sense is not meant to be derogatory towards sexuality, I moreso am talking shit on musical taste. Without generalizing too much, I have found through my friendships with gay females they enjoy artists who sometimes have an outdated sound. Think Lillith Fair, Veruca Salt or basically any nineties alt rock. I think we can all agree on that. Some of their songs were really catchy and synth-heavy, arousing a Go-Go-esque feel. At other times you could tell they wanted to flex their manly guitar muscles and shred some faces off. Think masturbatory guitar solos. They were all about the climax…and the happy ending, but they made the fired up crowd hang on every second between their last song and the encore. It was like I was at a Justin Beiber concert. And no, I’ve never been to one, but the frequency at which the screaming occurred was just as ear piercing as any teenage broad’s scream would be. And really, Leisha aka Alice is this crowd’s Justin Bieber. I thanked my lucky stars the encore didn’t contain another Alice solo and called it a night.

Tonight we’ll be mixing things up even more at the Brillo Box for From the Ashes. I truly have no idea what to expect out of this one. Renegade electronic music, here we come.
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