30/30 Night Nineteen Recap | Night Twenty Deets

Published On May 17, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

It certainly didn’t feel like a Monday if you were at Brillo last night. Shit was poppin off! I’m fairly certain they are usually closed on Mondays, so I’m sure the neighborhood hipsters were delighted they could get their Brillo fix an extra night during the week. The show was sold out, but they did a good job of not overselling the room this time, as some of the sold out shows there are uncomfortably crowded. This one gave us enough room to boogie and hold our beers without getting too cranky.

And boogie we did! You must dance at a Neon Indian show. It’s not optional. This crowd danced their case of the Mondays off well into the night – a night that easily rivaled any weekend hap at Brillo. This was my second time seeing Neon Indian at Brillo, and I must say, they’ve stepped up their live performance to a level I didn’t expect. I overheard someone say, “Their songs actually sound like songs!” I too found some of the band’s earlier performances to be a bit more disjointed and less melodic. Neon Indian really grabbed the beat by the balls last night, in a good way. Fan favorite “Deadbeat Summer” got everyone fired up and reminded me of last year’s performance in which lead singer Alan Palomo messed up the song and had to start over. Their amateur status has since been shed for more polished pastures. It’s easy to see why this band hasn’t suffered the fate of many of its indie counterparts whose lackluster talent can barely sustain one hit.

It’s unfortunate many of the band’s other members are frequently overlooked. Keyboardist and back-up vocalist Leanne Macomber was delightful to watch with her red polka-dotted dress, uber hip bangs and a very expressive face that went from serious to elated in 5 seconds flat. She kept jumping up and down while playing the tambourine in between keys. You could tell she was really having fun with the performance and was happy with the crowd’s response. One thing I will say, though, is I no longer consider Neon Indian a chillwave band. They might make pretty chill sounding recordings, but this performance was very dance-oriented. The last time I saw Neon Indian they had me wanting to post up in a hammock on a Sunday afternoon with some lemonade, but last night they had me wanting to drink a fifth on a work night and dance until my feet turned blue. Why couldn’t they have delivered that type of performance when I was unemployed last summer? Oh well.

It was entirely too crowded to get any good photos last night, but we did manage to get one sweet crowd shot. Maybe we’ll have better luck tonight at Carson Street Live, a new music venue that has taken over the old Matrix in Station Square. We’re going to see Finger 11. I might have to black out this night from the mem. We’ll see.

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