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Published On May 16, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

I left Club Cafe last night with one thing on my mind – who in the world does Mike Doughty think he is? This guy has a serious ego problem! Everyone loves a rock star, but not everyone likes someone who acts like a total diva! Diva might not be the appropriate term, but I’ll keep it polite. Mike Doughty is best known for his work with the 90s alt band Soul Coughing. What’s funny is that band has achieved irrelevancy to the point that their actual website no longer works. Mike Doughty, however, is another story, and he’s been riding the wave of Soul Coughing’s success for well over a decade now. I’ve been following his career for a while, and saw him the last time he played in Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls. I believe he’s played a string of shows at Club Cafe once since then. Clearly the venue downgrade hasn’t affected this guy’s perception of where his career is going. If I were returning to a city to play a venue 1/5 of the size as the last time, I might be a bit more humble upon returning. Not this guy.

You would think Mike Doughty was Bob Dylan with the way he was acting last night. He was messing up all over the place and stopping in the middle of songs to start over. He was entirely too concerned with his surroundings, rather than the music. At one point in the show he began playing fan favorite Shunned + Falsified only to stop and yell at the broad working the door. Yes, she had a loud voice, but his display made my friend and I so uncomfortable, it was difficult to enjoy the rest of the show. I have seen artists politely ask patrons to quiet down at Club Cafe. It must be the acoustics or the fact that room is tiny and keeps the sound in well. Whatever the reason, there’s a nicer way to ask someone to be quiet than Doughty’s attempt. She sure as hell shut up after that. I also found it ironic he decided to “shun” someone during that song and reiterate the name of the song as he started back up. It just oozed douche. His entire attitude and disposition was a huge turn off. I was glad to hear all of my favorites and get the hell out of there.

Alas, the night was not completely sour! Doughty decided to bring longtime pal Andrew Livingston with him on his acoustic tour, and he helped break up the tension in the room between songs. Mike is a chatty character, and Andrew complimented his arrogance well. It became apparent Andrew would be the evening’s comic relief during the first break in which Doughty asked him what he was thinking about, and he answered with something about how he wished he could remove the screen from his old school digital alarm clock and be able to physically touch the red lines that comprise the numbers. He was saying some really out there shit. If this is what happens to stoners after fifty, I am very concerned for my future. He also talked about mixing coffee and tea, and how he mixed all of the beverages in his fridge together as a child. This reminded me of going to fast food restaurants and mixing all of the pops together to create some disgusting concoction that resembled a liquid Tootsie Roll. At one point, his ramblings were so silly he stated, “I don’t know if it’s worth it to continue.” Just when you thought this guy was completely brain dead and was going to lose control of his bodily functions at any moment, he would bust out a sick cello solo, and the world became a better place. I’ve never seen anyone finger pick the cello and manipulate it like an upright bass, but it was fantastic. I would also like to note this guy’s a time traveler, as he stated “2030, that’s the year I was born.” Try saying sick cello solo five times fast. Ya can’t.

Tonight we’ll be partying harder than we usually do on a Monday. Neon Indian‘s in town. The show’s sold out. We’re ready to dance our little hipster feet off to some chillwave beats. See your hungover asses tomorrow!

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