30/30 Day One Recap/Night Two Teaser

Published On April 29, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

We came, we saw, we Shpongled – and we managed to do it all without a hangover. Score! We’re gearing up for tonight’s events. First, we’ll be hitting up the Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District. Once we’re done arting it up, we’re off to Istanbul in Lawrenceville to party til the sun comes up with the Humanaut crew for their Bunker NYC event with Spinoza, Eric Cloutier and Ed Um. This crew is known for throwing one hell of an event, so we highly suggest you check it out! Techno lovers, dance lovers, people lovers – it don’t matta. Do your Friday night up proper at this BYOB all-night banger.

As for Shpongle, welp. Where to begin? We managed to get a parking spot right in front of Zoo. I took this as a very bad sign. Parking in the strip isn’t always easy during shows. Lucky for us the underagers outnumbered those of age by a long shot. They probably had mom drop them off, suckas! It was my first experience at Club Zoo. I’ve heard various things about this venue, and most of the time they aren’t the best things, but I’d have to say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I enjoyed the upstairs, though it was very hot…and smoky, holy hell was it smoky! I guess since those kids can’t drink booze they have to chain smoke. I was expecting a lot production-wise from Shpongle, but apparently his set was downsized to accommodate the venue. He built himself quite the DJ booth, if you even want to call it that. It was more like a DJ portal affixed with screens. Peep the photos below to get a feel for what I’m talking about, and for the crowd. I was having Bassnectar flashbacks all night. Lots of glowsticks. Lots of kids up way past their bedtime.

[nggallery id=Shpongle]

Musically, Shpongle isn’t really my bag. It’s electronic music, but in terms of the genre, I found him hard to classify. He started out with some house. There were your typical corny flute sounds during those tracks. I would imagine had his flautist been touring with him he would have played along. This is also probably the one and only time I will be able to use the word flautist in a post. ::smiles:: I was a flautist when I was a wee girl. Be glad I grew out of that nerdy ass phase. I found myself thinking – what’s the difference between Shpongle and any house night I’d go to at Eclipse or hear TB play in my living room? Then it got really weird. He switched to Europop-esque beats – I thought I was at Pegasus for a hot minute. I heard tinges of sounds that reminded me of a Miike Snow song. Sphongle finally settled into his signature deep, tribal house about 1/3 into his set. It got a bit predictable after that. That was until he dropped some booty-shakin music in it circa 69 Boys. Remember them? I remember not knowing what 69 meant and asking my grandma to buy me the tape for Christmas. She must not have known what it meant either – ha! Just when you thought Shpongle was settling into some type of trancey pattern that would sweep you away to another land, perhaps one which resembles an episode of Survivor – he drops some random ass sample of a Led Zeppelin song. Dude was all over the place. In a good way.

Favorite quotes of the night were:

“What’s up with all these ficus trees?” – Bushman
Yep, Club Zoo thinks fake foliage is still hip. I was waiting for Martha Stewart to show up, but I heard she got lost on the way.

“This girl had her shirt off, but it’s ok – she looked like she dances a lot.” – Me

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s increasingly delusional coverage of my 30 night rampage. Don’t expect tomorrow’s post to be as coherent – I’ma be up late.

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