30/30 Day One Announcement

Published On April 28, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

We’re pretty pumped to finally start this thang! Of all the haps in the Pgh tonight, we’ve decided to go with some uncharted territory. We’ll be heading to Club Zoo for some Shpongle action! What the heck is Shpongle, you ask? I said the same. Thanks to Wikipedia, I am now an expert. I also learned a new word today – “psybient” which is a combination of psychadelic and ambient trance techno. Talk about a tongue twister!

While we neither condone or frown upon the use of recreational drugs, it’s tough to talk about Shpongle without mentioning them! The two core members of the group started this project after watching a solar eclipse in India and trying to recreate the experience by recording a 20-minute song titled, “…And the Day Turned to Night.” If that doesn’t sound like a drug experience, then I don’t know what would! Not recognized by the dictionary, Shpongle is an umbrella term for feeling positive and euphoric emotions – lol – HMM. HMM. HMM.

Apparently Shpongle rarely plays live, but front man Simon Posford throws down some sick DJ sets that are often accompanied by Raja Ram on flute. Trying to contain the lols right now. I picture tonight as follows: I enter the venue Narnia-style via some obscure entryway into a second dimension whose environment primarily consists of forests. Shortly after I see a caterpillar puffing on what possibly could be opium, I pass a mushroom den and encounter a pointy-eared flute player – aka – Raja Ram. He also has horns. The rest is a blur. Here’s to hoping that’s not how my night ends up, though I’m pretty sure IC Light doesn’t make you hallucinate 🙂

Until tomorrow, folks!

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