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Published On May 2, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | 30 Days/30 Nights

Day Four was a long one. Just when we thought we could party no more and that the weekend had gotten the best of us, the Cantina and its drunken weekend inhabitants turned Sunday night into a pretty sweet dance party. While most of the day was low key and quiet, DJ Sabo managed to pull that last bit of weekend energy I had and transfer it right to my toes. Forget about whiskey on a Sunday, we were rocking tequila. DJ Sabo’s music could not be more well suited for the Cantina. At times, I felt like I was at a mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant. You know…the ones who have questionable kitchen practices (but bangin food), have telemundo on TV all day, and play the cheesiest stereotypical tunes they could find. He mixed it up quite nicely. Cumbia house, baile funk, disco balear…please don’t ask me to dissect the genres he played. I am no expert and would like to avoid sounding like a total shmuck trying to pick apart music I clearly don’t know how to describe. All I know is that he was very happy we were a responsive crowd, and he even thanked us for dancing. Little did he know about 99% of the crowd was coming off one bender of a weekend and probably didn’t have any liquid in their system other than alcohol since Friday night. Hey – whatever works!

Our newest blogger, Kate, was also there for the shenanigans that went down all weekend. I’m gonna let her add her two cents for a equally as delusional, party-focused recap of our weekend. Take it away, girl… Coming off of a finals week from hell, there was really nothing I needed more than to let loose and dance my face off while blissfully consuming an inordinate amount of beer, or whatever kind of primarily water based stuff the Humanaut guys so generously hydrated us with at The Bunker party. Cause really, all work and no play – The Shining – that’s all I’ve got to say about that. In my efforts to avoid crazed writer mania I followed The Bunker/Humanaut shindig, which had me blissed out on some superior techno ‘til sometime past 5am Saturday morn, with what was pretty much the party of the weekend – The Cantina Patio Fiesta – cumbia, moombahton and tacos definitely means fiesta.

I got there for the tail end of El-G’s set to see the patio packed with scads of familiar faces and even more unfamiliar ones. It truly was a more-the-merrier kind of atmosphere, the groove flavors being rocked by the talented dudes from ZZK Records were the kind of sounds that just make everyone smile and drink and dance their asses off. I’d like to note that this dance-floor was almost completely devoid of the kind of annoying crap that one has to deal with when they spend a lot of time on dance-floors, and by that I mean dudes dancing all up on you; totally gross, totally uncalled for, totally annoying. I know, I know, it’s inevitable. If I’m going to party all the time, I should stop my whining. But really, this particular party had a little mysterious something that prevented the annoying grossness. Some guy even asked my permission to dance beside me. Yeah, asked my permission, skeezers take note. I think the Cantina Fiesta has officially set the bar for chivalrous dancing, because – no, random dude, you can not put your hands there, you’ve got to ask permission like the guys do at the Cantina. I’ll carry that with me to every party from here on out.

Sunday, it rained, which stops some people from getting their party on apparently. Not I, said the really exhausted girl with a Bloody Maria in her hand. I was there, I ate more tacos, I drank more and continued to dance to more electro-infused fiesta jams. DJ Sabo totally rocked us all ‘til well past our bedtimes. As Kymbo mentioned, most of us were rounding out a 48+ hour bender, myself included. Despite that I found the energy to dance and consequently became a huge Sabo fan. Since then I’ve been listening to the mix he handed out all day, and I also ate two of the painted bananas that were on the DJ booth. Colorful bananas are truly complimentary to funky music that just makes you feel good.

Look for us tonight at New Amsterdam for night 5 of our 30-day rampage. We’ll be hanging out with our pal Gene Stovall for his Obama vs. Osama party in which he will be “Playing songs about yesterday’s discovery tonight on my keyboard. It’s gonna be a great time.” Until tomorrow, party animals!

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